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Proven Tactics to Maximize App Retention and Sustain User Engagement

By Gaurav Parvadiya | Last Updated On April 16th, 2024

Congratulations on the release of your dream app! 

However, the journey doesn’t end there. One of the biggest challenges you might encounter, especially with mobile apps for business, is low retention rates, where users download the app but don’t come back after the initial use.

This can be frustrating – after all, what’s the point of an app if nobody uses it? If you find that your retention strategies aren’t working and users keep abandoning your app, it’s time to take action!

In this article, we’ll explore top-notch methods to boost your mobile app retention rate. Let’s get started!

The Art and Science of Creating a Mobile App Engagement Strategy that works

You were correct to assume that today’s top issues facing app marketers are turnover and low user engagement. 

These astounding figures provide a powerful image:

  • Within the first month of download, one in two apps are removed, with “not in use” accounting for the majority of uninstalls (39.9%).
  • Even after using an app just once a week, 90% of users continue to use it.

Users have nearly infinite options with 3.55 million apps available on Google Play and 1.86 million apps available in the App Store. If you don’t live up to consumers’ rising expectations, you’ll see a high percentage of them either abandoning you (which translates to low retention rates) or worse, jumping ship (which translates to high uninstall rates). 

All it requires to retain customers is to develop and maintain the best possible customer experience by paying close attention to what your consumers are saying, doing, and—most importantly—not doing. Then, you must continuously improve the user experience to live up to their expectations.

Understanding Mobile App Retention

The term “mobile app retention” (sometimes used to refer to “mobile app user retention“) describes the degree to which a mobile application can sustain user engagement over time. It evaluates the percentage of users who continue to use an app after they have downloaded it.

This indicator goes beyond simple numerical analysis; it is a gauge of an application’s quality as well as user pleasure. Developers may improve the efficiency and overall user experience of their apps by understanding the standards for mobile app retention.

A high retention rate highlights an application’s success since it shows that loyal users find value in it and choose to use it frequently.

Why does Mobile App Retention Matter?

It’s about creating an engaging, and useful user journey that keeps people coming back after downloading and exploring an app. Extended involvement boosts customer pleasure and creates several transaction chances.

Here’s why it really matters:

Stable Revenue and Cost-effectiveness

A high daily download rate is great, but a devoted user base assures a steady revenue stream and sustainable growth. Preserving existing customers is cheaper than gaining new ones, which might cost four to five times more. Over the past five years, customer acquisition expenditures have increased 60%. Thus, user turnover must be avoided as well as user acquisition.

User Lifetime Value Improvement

By greatly affecting consumers’ Lifetime Value, user retention sustains mobile app growth. Long-term user engagement increases income possibilities. User involvement lowers CAC and increases LTV. Retention, CAC reduction, and LTV augmentation work together to benefit.

Organic Growth, Advocacy

Happy and loyal users promote the app through word-of-mouth. This endorsement boosts user acquisition without costing more, increasing the app’s reach and effect.

Essential Metrics for Tracking App Retention

2 essential metrics for tracking app retention

Improving user retention requires analyzing key metrics. DAU, MAU, and churn rate show how users use the app. These mobile app engagement metrics inform retention strategies.

Consider the following actions to boost app installations and retention:

  • Daily Active Users (DAU)

DAU counts daily unique app users. An important indication of user engagement and app popularity. DAU shows the app’s daily usage.

A high DAU indicates user engagement, which improves usage and retention. It shows the app provides value daily. The app meets user needs and provides a rewarding experience with this metric.

Do not use DAU alone to understand mobile app performance or user behavior. When examined alongside MAU, it illuminates long-term user retention and engagement.

DAU helps app developers and marketers monitor immediate response to app changes and new features. Monitor DAU to quickly spot and adjust to trends, keeping the app valuable and meeting user expectations.

  • Monthly Active Users (MAU)

MAU is a significant indicator that counts app users that interact in a month. This statistic helps developers assess the app’s long-term retention by broadening user engagement.

It is the monthly average of active users. User retention potential is crucially shown by this information.

MAU metrics are a comprehensive way to measure an app’s long-term user retention. It shows the app’s capacity to retain and engage users, adding to its success.

  • Churn Rate

The Churn Rate indicator, which measures the percentage of app users who leave over time, is crucial. User satisfaction and possible issues are lower with a high churn rate.

Controlling churn improves app retention. By monitoring churn rate, developers may detect and fix issues, enhancing user satisfaction and app retention.

Average App Retention Rates by industry

3 average app retention rates by industry

It is vital to note that app retention rates differ from industry to industry. This is because of the difference in audience and type of content provided. Let’s see some businesses where app retention is high:

Gaming Apps

Gaming apps have higher retention rates than other mobile apps due to their compelling content and frequent updates. They struggle to keep users engaged because they may easily switch to new games.

To address this issue and maintain user interest, gaming app developers must constantly add new features and update content. As gaming apps evolve, this keeps existing users interested and draws new players searching for novel experiences.

E-commerce Apps

Retention rates, a crucial measure of user loyalty, are impacted by a number of factors, including the variety of products offered, level of customer service, and the pricing strategy employed by e-commerce apps. It is imperative that app marketers give these components considerable thought. Features of e-commerce apps, such as personalized recommendations, easy checkout processes, and efficient customer support, also play a significant role in enhancing user retention. 

E-commerce mobile app builder, as an essential tool for online retailers, facilitates the creation of user-friendly and feature-rich e-commerce applications. By utilizing such platforms, businesses can efficiently incorporate personalized recommendations, streamline checkout processes, and provide responsive customer support, thus contributing to improved user retention rates. 

To other online retailers such as Amazon, who have great retention rates because of their wide range of products and first-rate customer service.

Health & Fitness Apps

Users’ ability to stay engaged with health and fitness apps is greatly influenced by a few critical elements. These consist of timely and pertinent push notifications, personalized content that meets each user’s demands, and an easy-to-use interface.

Leveraging a website to app converter to build a health and fitness mobile app can be a significant step in improving retention rates. This approach can help transform your website content into a mobile app, offering users a seamless and convenient way to access your services.

Improving retention rates in these kinds of apps could eventually lead to more money from target users as well as improved overall health results. by giving components like a business priority.

Strategies for Boosting Mobile App Retention

There is no static formula to draw attention of users and retain them for longer but it is also essential to remember that a proper planning of app onboarding, personalized notification and adding useful features is important as the one step of app success. 

Let’s discuss these traits in detail:

  • Better User Onboarding

A smooth and easy onboarding process can boost retention and attract new users. It sets the tone for how consumers will use the app and explains its benefits.

Businesses may reduce customers’ attrition and encourage app use with efficient onboarding techniques. This process encourages people to keep using it. Personalizing the user experience increases app retention. Developers can boost user happiness and engagement by personalizing app features and functions to individual preferences.

This approach could ultimately result in higher rates of user retention on their platform. Personalization creates a sense of familiarity and ease for the users, making them more likely to continue using the app and less inclined to migrate to other platforms.

  • Push Notifications and In-app Alerts

Push notifications and in-app messages can re-engage users and get them back to the app. These tools must be used wisely. Tailoring these messages to individual users can make them feel more personal and relevant, which can increase their effectiveness.

Some users with messages can have the opposite effect. Too many alerts can annoy users and cause them to uninstall the program. To retain users, push notifications and in-app communications must be balanced.

Check out the Best Push Notification Services & Tools In 2024

  • Implementing Gamification

Gamification, which uses game characteristics in apps, can increase user retention. Challenges, scoring systems, and leaderboards can enhance the app experience and encourage users to utilize it.

Gamification draws into the competitive mentality of users, making them more likely to interact with the app regularly. It gives users a sense of accomplishment and progress, which boosts engagement and retention.

Enhancing App Retention through Analysis and Optimization

Retention rates can rise significantly with regular app performance analysis and optimization. Apps that continuously track user activity and make adjustments in response to feedback can actually increase retention rates by as much as 35%. Thus, it is essential to continuously monitor the performance of your app. 

Let’s look at some best practices for improving app retention using optimization and analysis:

Using Analytics Tools

With the aid of analytics tools, developers may better comprehend user behavior and spot trends, anomalies, and places in need of development. Twinr’s app analytics, Amplitude, Glassbox, AppsFlyer, and Google Analytics are a few popular analytics solutions.

Utilizing Twinr app analytics allow marketers to extract valuable insights into user behavior, app performance, and essential metrics. These insights serve as a foundation for informed decision-making, enhancing user experience, and ultimately, driving the success of the app.

App retention metrics are therefore crucial to the accomplishment of user acquisition campaigns. These analytical tools are a vital resource for developers looking to get the most out of their work in this field.

Conducting A/B Testing

Finding the best tactics to improve retention can be greatly aided by using A/B testing. Through testing several iterations of the app’s features and content, developers may determine which strategies work best for raising user happiness and engagement levels. A/B testing essentially enables developers to:

  • Analyze several versions of the features and content of the app.
  • Determine which techniques result in the most user engagement.
  • Optimize the app using decisions that are informed by data.

Gathering User Feedback

The importance of user feedback cannot be emphasized when it comes to boosting app retention. Users’ concerns can be taken into consideration for future updates and enhancements, resulting in an improved user experience.

Here’s how to improve the user-experience of your app.

By regularly collecting and analyzing user feedback, mobile app developers may better understand their customers’ needs, which in turn makes users happier.

Case Studies: Successful Mobile App Retention Strategies

Let’s look at a few real-world instances that show how popular apps have applied the retention techniques we’ve covered.

E-commerce App

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Tupperware’s pioneering solution to food waste and social selling empowers women. Tupperware’s mobile strategy has improved app retention by connecting with customers.

As a prominent developer, manufacturer, and distributor of innovative products, Tupperware has become an American icon and global brand. Tupperware surprises and delights people with real, high-quality modern living solutions on its mobile app.

Tupperware has high app retention rates due to its focus on user experience and value, assuring continuous success in an ever-changing market.


  • 3.5/5 stars on the Google Play Store based on more than 185 reviews.
  • 4.3/5 stars in the App Store based on more than 107 reviews.
  • User Base: More than 47,631 participants globally.

Interior Designing App

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Since 2016, This N That has grown from Ariane Thakore Ginwala’s interior design practice into a creative and artisanal hub. This N That started making handmade items out of enthusiasm for design and quality.

This N That balances heritage with a contemporary design with a strong eye for detail and a deep appreciation for Indian craft, engaging domestic and international audiences. Mobile technology has helped This N That reach more customers and retain them, resulting in high app retention rates.

This N That is a design pioneer in India after winning the EDIDA award for interior items. ThisNThat keeps users engaged with compelling collections and unique designs on its mobile app, assuring loyalty and success in the competitive design market.

These case studies highlight how impressive mobile app retention results may be obtained by effectively executing the strategies and measuring the performance in a timely.


  • 5/5 stars on the Apple App Store based with genuine and true reviews.
  • 5/5 stars in the Google Play Store based with genuine and true reviews.

Wrapping up

Finally, mobile app retention is essential for user loyalty and app success. Businesses can increase income and brand awareness by retaining users. Streamlined onboarding, tailored experiences, smart messaging, and gamification have been shown to improve retention. 

Now, it’s time to take action! Implementing these strategies can significantly improve your app’s retention rate, leading to long-term success and user satisfaction. Don’t wait any longer – start enhancing your app’s retention today and watch your user base thrive!

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Gaurav Parvadiya

Gaurav is the founder and CEO of Twinr, a tech entrepreneur with a decade of experience and a passion for SaaS. With a Master's degree in Computer Science, he specializes in no-code development, driving innovation in the mobile app industry. When he's not busy growing the company, you'll find him writing about tech, growth, software development, e-commerce, and occasionally sneaking in a game of badminton.

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