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March 12, 2024

How to increase downloads of Android and IOS apps?

When you invest a lot of time and money into creating a mobile app, you always hope to increase downloads so that a sizeable portion of users will at least give it a shot. Sadly, persuading individuals to click “Download” can be pretty challenging.  

Mobile App Marketing

People have many alternatives for mobile shopping, entertainment, health, productivity, finances, and other services. There are over 1.85 million iOS apps in the Apple App Store and 2.56 million Android apps in the Google Play Store. Organizations need to have expert mobile app marketing services to attract more users. Otherwise, it’s more crucial than ever for entrepreneurs and marketers to develop a plan to increase downloads of IOS apps on the App Store – Apple or Android apps on Google play store. 

The excellent news is that it only takes a bit of traction for your app to become more visible, accessible, and used by more people. So, how to increase downloads of android apps on the Google play store or IOS apps on the Apple store in a market that is getting more crowded can be possible with a brilliant mobile app marketing strategy.  

Here, we’ll explore a few incredibly successful strategies that have resulted in millions of downloads for popular apps: 

Use App Store Optimization Key to Boost your users.

Most users find new apps in the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. Naturally, the most acceptable type of promotion available here is being chosen as an Editor’s Choice. You can’t completely control that, though. Your app’s listing is something you may modify. App store optimization (ASO) makes your page as welcoming and approachable as possible. Specifically, that entails incorporating the most relevant keywords, creating a snappy title, crafting a captivating app description, and uploading appealing screenshots.

Numerous apps with low download rates have weaknesses in at least one of these categories. Make sure to research what your ideal user is likely to search for if you want to increase your rankings. You can also look at the listings of your primary rivals. Additionally, it would help if you customized your listing for each locale. The term “keywords” varies depending on the language. 

Target Prospective Users With Content Marketing

Various apps are efficiently promoted with quality content marketing. It could entail adding blogs to the website for your app, producing YouTube tutorial videos, or even launching a podcast. It will always draw users to relevant information, and every post, video, and the episode can contain an elevator pitch for your app. Regular content releases will also significantly improve your website’s SEO. 

Build a website or upgrade your old one

Your app should have its website like any other internet product. The fundamentals of digital marketing are simple. Accessibility should be the primary goal. Although your website doesn’t have to be spectacular, you should focus on SEO (search engine optimization). People frequently use app stores to look for new programs but occasionally use Google and other search engines to do the same.

Making a website allows you to attract these potential customers and showcase your app’s best features in a controlled digital environment. Make sure to include eye-catching pictures, a teaser video, and a compelling call to action that directs visitors to download the link to the app on your landing page.  

If you are looking for a quick-fix smart app, click on Convert website to app. 

Social Media Promotion

Naturally, not everyone likes to read blogs. In some circumstances, promoting content on social media may prove to be a more successful method of encouraging downloads. Consider the app which supports meditation and relaxation. The app’s creators frequently post content to Instagram, from calming images and tips for managing stress to moving videos from contented users.

Readers of these postings may not even be seeking a meditation app. However, if the information appeals to them, they can click on the bio link of that particular app and end up downloading it. Because you may include links in your postings, social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn offer an even more direct way to promote downloads. 

Build a Demo Video

Film banners make trailers for major motion pictures for a reason—it works wonders to pique curiosity. You may assist potential users in getting a taste of your product before they commit by making a demo or promotional film for your app. Your demo can emphasize the most valuable features, describe the more intricate capabilities, and demonstrate how the program works. 

If your program runs on Android, this tactic is incredibly crucial. The Google Play Store can accept video previews, whereas Apple’s App Store only supports screenshot photos. 

Promote referrals

Referrals have more power than any other type of marketing. Friends are always much more persuasive than advertisements or articles, mainly if your app includes a social component. 

Some of your most satisfied customers could spread the news on their own, but most others require encouragement to do so. 

Because of this, many applications feature referral programs that reward users whose friends and family members download and register for the same app. Adding this feature alone has the potential to increase your downloads significantly. 

 Several apps are available to consumers to help them achieve what they want, whether they need assistance with a specific activity or want to pass the time. Make sure people use your app instead of anyone else’s. To advance your brand and boost downloads, use a blend of these mobile app marketing strategies. 

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