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Inbuilt Analytics

Our inbuilt analytics platform empowers anyone to understand their mobile app's performance. Track mobile app revenue, analyse user acquisition campaigns, monitor user retention rates, and optimize push notification campaigns - all with ease.

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Mobile App Revenue

Maximize your app's revenue potential with our mobile app revenue feature. Analyse sales, track orders, and optimize your monetization strategies to boost your app's earnings. Gain valuable insights to make informed decisions and drive growth.

User Acquisition

With our user acquisition feature, you can acquire valuable insights into app sessions, downloads, and new user trends to refine your acquisition strategies. Analyse data to optimize acquisition channels and improve conversion rates, ensuring your marketing efforts are targeted and effective.

User Retention

Understand how users interact with your mobile app over time with our user retention feature. Identify trends, analyse churn, and optimize user experience to keep users coming back. With data-driven insights, personalize engagement strategies and evaluate their effectiveness to maximize user retention and app success.

Push Notification Campaign Analytics

Optimize your push notification campaigns with our Analytics feature. Track metrics such as impressions, clicks, opt-in rate, revenue, and active subscribers to optimize your campaigns. Understand subscriber behaviour, improve engagement, and maximize the impact of your push notifications.
Frequently Asked Questions Related to

Twinr's Analytics Features

It's an analytics tool that offers insights into mobile app revenue, user acquisition, retention, and push notification campaigns, helping you make informed decisions to enhance your app's success.
You can analyse mobile app revenue, user acquisition metrics, user retention rates, and the effectiveness of your push notification campaigns.
Our analytics tool provides detailed insights into your mobile app's revenue streams, allowing you to track sales, monitor order trends, identify earning potential, and optimize your monetization strategies for maximum profitability.
Yes, you can track app sessions, downloads, and new user numbers to understand your user acquisition performance.
Yes, you can analyse key metrics such as impressions, clicks, opt-in rate, revenue, and active subscribers for your push notification campaigns.
Our analytics tool is user-friendly, offers comprehensive insights, and seamlessly integrates with your mobile app, providing a holistic view of your app's performance.
Yes, our analytics tool is designed to work seamlessly with both iOS and Android mobile apps.
You don't need to integrate anything from your side. Twinr's analytics feature is pre-integrated for all apps, making it effortless to start analysing your app's performance and user behaviour.
We offer comprehensive documentation, tutorials, and responsive customer support to help you get started and make the most of our analytics platform.
Yes, our analytics tool provides real-time data updates and can be configured to send alerts for specific events or metrics.

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