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Build Your Dream No-Code Mobile App with Twinr

Key Features

With Twinr's no-code mobile app build features, create native apps effortlessly. Enjoy seamless navigation, diverse themes, native feature integration, web page customization, and personalized navigation bar buttons for a unique mobile app experience.

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100% App Approval/Guaranted Refund

Build with confidence! Our 100% App Approval Guarantee ensures your app meets app store standards. Get a refund if it's not approved.


Native Mobile App

Create a fully native mobile app experience with our Build feature. Leverage device capabilities, performance, and user interface for a standout app.


Real-Time Sync with Website

Auto-sync your app with real-time updates. Changes made on your website are instantly reflected in your app, ensuring a seamless user experience.


All Device Compatibility

Building a mobile app with Twinr ensures it looks great on all devices. Supports Android & iOS devices like smartphones, tablets, and iPads in different sizes.

App Navigation


Bottom Tab Bar

Display key action pages in your app with the Bottom Tab Bar. Customize its color for a personalized touch, enhancing your app's navigation.


Top Navigation Bar

Customize your app's navigation with our flexible Top Navigation Bar. Add buttons, logos, or menu options to create a seamless user experience.


Side Menu

Navigate your app easily with our side menu feature. Choose left or right side placement and customize its style for a smooth, user-friendly app interaction.

App Theme


GIF Launch Screen

Create a lasting impression with our GIF Launch Screen feature. Set the duration and upload your GIF for a seamless transition into your app's main content.


Theme Editor

Personalize your mobile app's appearance with our theme editor. Choose colours, fonts, and styles to match your brand. Make your app uniquely yours!


Page Loader

Customize the native page loader with over 50 design options, and adjust the colour, and size to personalize with your brand guidelines.


Pull to Refresh

Refresh content easily with Pull to Refresh, a user-friendly UI feature from Twinr for mobile apps. Handle general usage scenarios effortlessly.


Custom Fonts

Twinr offers 1400+ customizable fonts for your mobile app. Choose from various styles, weights, and sizes to personalize your text for a unique look.

Native Features


Multi-Language Support

Twinr offers industry-leading language support and auto-translation in 136+ languages. Create a multilingual mobile app for a global audience.


Saved Login Information

Save time and hassle with Twinr's Saved Login. Users securely store credentials for quick access, improving the mobile app journey without repeated logins.


Firebase Analytics

Our Firebase Analytics offers insights on app performance & user interactions for your iOS & Android mobile apps, aiding data-driven decisions.


In-App Purchase

Twinr enables in-app purchases for Android and iOS mobile apps, allowing the sale of digital goods and services like subscriptions and virtual currency.


Google Pay & Apple Pay

Let users pay using Apple Pay and Google Pay for seamless, secure transactions. No integration is needed, just fast, convenient checkout experiences.


App Review

Collect user feedback seamlessly with Twinr's In-app review feature. Triggered anytime, users rate 1-5 stars & add comments. Reviews sent to Play Store for display.


App Onboarding

Guide users on how to use your mobile app with App Onboarding. Show screens introducing features, functions, tutorials, and tips for easy navigation.


No Internet View

Avoid user frustration and confusion with a customizable No Internet View, replacing the infinite loader when the app is used without an internet connection.


App Permissions

With Twinr, you can customize permission text messages while requesting mobile app permissions to better understand the user.


Over-the-air App Updates

Make real-time updates to your app for instant user access, bypassing app store reviews. Keep your app current and responsive.


Custom User Agent

Integrate Twinr's Custom User Agent to distinguish between requests from your website and mobile app, ensuring accurate tracking and analysis.

Web Page Customization


Hide Elements

This feature allows you to hide any webpage element dynamically from the page, ensuring a seamless and tailored user experience in your mobile app.


Handle External Links

You can ensure a seamless user experience by managing external links within your mobile app, and directing users to open links in-app or in a web browser.


Apply External CSS

Modify the look of your mobile app from your website by applying external CSS styles. Change the look and feel exclusively within the app.


Apply Custom JavaScript

Inject custom scripts effortlessly with Twinr's custom JavaScript feature. Integrate third-party services seamlessly without coding complexities.


Cart Refresh

Twinr's Cart Refresh feature updates all app screens automatically when users make changes to their shopping cart.


Responsible URL

The Responsible URL feature allows for the elegant redirection of different URLs to specific tabs, using expressions based on URL matching.

Native Navigation Bar Buttons


Linker Button

Offer quick access to important functionalities or specific pages in your mobile app with Twinr's native Linker Button.


Native Cart Button

Twinr's Native Cart Button streamlines shopping by allowing users to view, manage, and buy items in their cart seamlessly with a native shopping button.


Native Link Sharing

Share items or blogs you like from the app with friends and on social media like WhatsApp, Facebook, and more with our native link-sharing feature.


JavaScript Injector

Explore limitless possibilities with our JavaScript Injector Button. Define specific actions triggered when users click this button in your mobile app.


Tag Selector

Initiate the same reaction as clicking on a designated element on a website by utilizing Twinr's Native Tag Selector button.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to

Twinr's Build Features

With Twinr's no-code mobile app build features, you can effortlessly create native mobile apps without writing a single line of code. Customize your app with navigation, themes, native features, and more.
Twinr's Build feature for mobile apps enhances user experience by offering seamless navigation, visually appealing themes, and access to native device features, creating a more engaging app environment.
Yes, you can customize the theme of your mobile app using Twinr's Build feature, ensuring it reflects your brand's identity and style.
With Twinr's Build feature, you can include a variety of native features in your mobile app, such as multi-language support, deeplink integration, Firebase analytics, in-app purchases, Google AdMob for monetization, app onboarding to guide users, over-the-air app updates for seamless updates, and more.
Yes, Twinr's Build feature supports real-time synchronization with changes made on your website, ensuring that your app always reflects the latest content and updates.
Absolutely! Twinr's Build feature offers seamless app navigation, providing users with intuitive ways to explore your app's content.
Yes, you can add custom navigation buttons to your mobile app, allowing you to tailor the user experience to your specific requirements.
Yes, Twinr's Build feature allows for extensive web page customization, enabling you to create unique and visually stunning designs for your app.
Yes, Twinr's Build feature caters to users of all skill levels, offering intuitive tools for beginners and advanced functionalities for experienced developers.
Yes, Twinr's Build feature supports seamless integration with e-commerce platforms, allowing you to create fully functional online stores within your mobile app.
Yes, Twinr's Build feature ensures that your mobile app looks great on all devices, with responsive design options for optimal viewing across different screen sizes.
Getting started with Twinr's Build feature is easy! Simply sign up for an account, choose your desired plan, and start building your mobile app.
Yes, Twinr's Build feature allows you to preview your mobile app in real-time, ensuring that everything looks perfect before making it available to users.
Yes, Twinr's Build feature provides dedicated customer support to assist you with any questions or issues you may encounter during the app development process.
Yes, Twinr's Build feature provides a 100% App Approval guarantee, ensuring that your app meets all requirements for submission to app stores. Additionally, if for any reason your app does not get approved, Twinr offers a guaranteed refund policy to ensure customer satisfaction.

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