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10 Must-Have Features for a Successful Ecommerce App

By Gaurav Parvadiya | Last Updated On February 15th, 2024

The realm of Ecommerce apps has transcended mere convenience, becoming an integral part of modern lifestyles, especially among the tech-savvy populace. What was once a luxury has become necessary, particularly accentuated by the pandemic’s impact.

With a mere touch, the hassle of firing up a desktop is eliminated, placing the world of online shopping at your fingertips. The proliferation of smart devices, particularly smartphones, has triggered an unprecedented eCommerce surge, with these apps infiltrating every corner of the digital landscape.

A staggering 3.2 billion smartphone users globally provide a substantial market for eCommerce apps, underscored by mobile traffic’s meteoric rise from 0.7% to 52.2% between 2009 and 2018. The statistic that 93% of millennials used their smartphones to compare online deals in 2018 speaks volumes, a number that has inevitably surged.

In the same year, a mind-boggling 18 billion hours were dedicated to eCommerce apps by global mobile users—a testament to the potential harnessed by the symbiotic alliance of smartphones and eCommerce apps. Amidst the multitude of eCommerce apps, some flounder while others flourish.

With this blog, we aim to help you know why this ecommerce industry is booming and how you can also enter this industry. We will discuss the top 10 features ecommerce app features that make an e-commerce app a huge success.

Top 10 Ecommerce Mobile App Features to Check

Let’s explore the must-have ecommerce mobile app features in detail:

All-in-One Ecommerce App Essentials

In online shopping, nailing the basics is the key to success. Your Ecommerce app’s foundation must be rock-solid to keep customers engaged and drive sales. Let’s dive into three essential app development features that can make or break your app’s performance.

Seamless Registration

First impressions matter; hassle-free registration is like a warm welcome to your store. Simplify sign-ups by offering multiple options like email, phone numbers with OTP, and social media logins (think Google and Facebook). An easy entry point ensures happier customers and fewer drop-offs, translating into higher sales.

Wishlist Magic

Ever wished for a way to remember those products you liked but couldn’t find later? Enter the wishlist button, your app’s secret weapon. Customers can bookmark products they’re interested in, and you can even send them notifications when they go on sale. This feature enhances user experience and helps convert casual visitors into loyal customers.

Effortless Checkout Experience

When it comes to ecommerce app business, a quick and smooth checkout is a game-changer. Implementing one-click payment options reduces friction and makes purchasing a breeze. A simplified checkout process means less effort and minimal information from the user’s end, leading to increased sales and happier customers.

Comprehensive Product Information

While stunning product images are eye-catching, detailed descriptions are equally crucial. Users might want to know more about a product before making a purchase, and expecting them to switch to a desktop site for details could be better. Providing comprehensive product information within the mobile app can reduce uncertainties, impulsive purchases, and the likelihood of returns, ensuring customer satisfaction.

By integrating these essential features, your E-commerce mobile app sets the stage for a remarkable user experience and improved sales. Remember, getting the basics right is the foundation of app success – a seamless registration process, wishlist functionality, effortless checkout, and detailed product info can work wonders for your business.

Personalized Product Recommendations

Making personalized product recommendations is similar to having a personal shopper who truly appreciates your taste and preferences. You know how when you use apps or shop online, they can tell your age, where you live, what you like, and what you’ve previously purchased? We gather and analyze all of that data to learn more about you.

The cool part is that online retailers use this information to recommend goods they believe you’ll adore. It sounds as though they are saying, “Hey, we think you might be interested in this because you liked that other thing.” This clever strategy is beneficial to businesses as well as being cool. Google did some math and discovered that online businesses could make significantly more money by treating customers like individuals. And get this: about 63% of smartphone users are more likely to purchase from a website or mobile app that displays products they are interested in.

Simply put, using personalized product recommendations is like adding a personal touch and feature to a customer’s shopping experience.

And what’s this? It can significantly increase the amount of merchandise a store sells if done correctly. So, if you want to increase your sales, it is definitely worth the time to do this right.

Push Notifications

Stay connected with your customers effortlessly through push notifications – a nifty feature of your mobile ecommerce application. This perk isn’t available if you’re sticking with just a website for phones or computers.

Especially during the Covid-19 frenzy, running out of products can happen, but keeping your customers’ trust intact is essential. You can achieve this by updating them when an item is back in stock.

When done right, push notifications can be a sales booster. They’re not just for stock updates; you can also inform users about upcoming deals, discounts, offers, and fresh products.

Did you know? Around 70% of app users find push notifications handy. Among these, about 40% dive into them within an hour, while only 8% brush them aside.

Here’s what users dig in push notifications:

  • Promos – 34%
  • Location-Specific Info – 26%
  • New Stuff – 26%
  • Other Goodies – 14%

So, if you’re thinking of a quick sale, shoot out a push notification and engage your customers with your ecommerce store.

Great User Experience

Assuring that your mobile app is as simple and enjoyable to use ensures that you are offering an excellent shopping experience. You see, many extremely user-friendly and straightforward apps are already available. Because of this, if your mobile app is subpar, people won’t think twice about uninstalling it.

Consider it this way: Users want a comfortable app, just like you want a comfortable chair to sit in. A lot depends on how your app looks and feels (UI and UX). To create a comfortable space for users to hang out in.

People should feel like they have entered something cool and special when they open your app, making it stand out from all the other similar ones available. Consider providing them with a mini-adventure each time they tap that app icon. They should believe your app is worthwhile if they invest their time and money in it. Making your app enjoyable is crucial if you want to keep users engaged and returning for more fun.

Voice Recognition System

Voice recognition technology is skyrocketing in popularity, with buying things using your voice going from nearly impossible a few years back to something doable today. Popular shopping apps are providing this super cool feature in their apps to make sure customers are offered every piece of convenience.

Surprising data showed that last year, people bought Stuff worth $4.6 billion using voice assistants, and experts say that number will jump to a massive $19.4 billion by the end of 2023. Brands are now investing in these practices to make them distinguished from others.

This voice thing can add a lot of coolness to shopping apps. It makes searching for things with your voice easier and makes buying Stuff quicker and simpler.

Augmented Reality

This AI-powered feature will only get cooler and more popular in the years ahead.

Imagine showing off your products to customers in their real surroundings – that’s what AR brings to your eCommerce app. It’s been around for a while, but brands like IKEA made it a big thing in online shopping.

With AR, you can try Stuff out virtually before you buy. It’s like a virtual test run! Shoppers like this because it clears up doubts before hitting the “buy” button. It also helps keep customers from changing their minds because they can experiment before making decisions. In fact, about 63% of folks enjoy having AR as part of their online shopping adventure.

AR isn’t just for eCommerce – it’s also used in many other areas. Big names like IKEA and Sephora use it to let customers see if the furniture fits in their room or if makeup matches their skin.

Consider adding AR to give your eCommerce app a futuristic edge. This smart tech will set you apart and make shopping even more awesome for your customers.

Multiple Payment Options

Making it super easy for customers to pay is a big deal in your mobile shop. Imagine someone wants to buy Stuff from you, but the way they usually pay isn’t there – they might give up and walk away. That’s like losing a sale! So, offering different ways to pay is smart.

Here’s the thing: your app should let people use their main credit or debit cards. Don’t worry if one way costs you a bit more; giving customers choices is worth it.

There are other cool ways, like PayPal, Apple Pay, Venmo, Android Pay, and Samsung Pay.

Some people hesitate to share credit card details in apps. Thus using other payment options like PayPal, Apple Pay, Venmo, Android Pay, and Samsung Pay will allow users to pay safely and increase sales.

Even if everyone has a Visa card, they might only want to use it in some places. But they’d feel better if you had PayPal or Apple Pay – these names make them feel safe.

One-touch Customer Support

Getting help when you need it should be different from solving a puzzle. Customers hate going around in circles to talk to someone. Whether asking about an order, checking on something, or sharing a concern, reaching support should be easy. A fast chat with a real person or a helpful chatbot can be like a reassuring pat on the back – “We’re here for you!”

Imagine this: a little chat bubble or a support icon wherever you go in the app. That’s like a buddy by your side, ensuring you’re okay. And hey, some stores even put phone numbers and emails in a ‘Contact Us’ spot in the app, so you’ve got even more ways to reach out. Because making sure you’re heard and helped should be simple and smooth.

Real-Time Order Tracking

Users who purchase using your app cannot hold their excitement until the item is delivered to their location. They would make it a habit to consistently check on the item’s current condition. Users will only return to your online store to make another purchase if you have a feature that allows them to monitor the status of their order in real time, which you should consider as a business owner. In due time, you’ll find yourself back at the starting point.

Real-time order tracking will, as a result, provide users with information regarding the timing of the order’s placement, shipment, and delivery. Many different and well-known SMS gateways can send customers notifications whenever the direction is sent, managed, transported, etc.

Advanced Filtering Capabilities

This is an essential feature for your online store if your eCommerce app has a sizable product catalogue. Making sure users can find what they’re looking for is important. Filters eliminate all superfluous product criteria to reduce the number of search results. Features like price range, best-sellers, COD availability, brand, etc., are all options.

You will be able to decrease the number of steps a user must take to find their product without having to browse the entire store by incorporating this feature into your application. Users find it useful to select the ideal product more quickly and without taking extra time.

Delivering a positive customer experience & increasing conversion rate are these outcomes. An increase in brand and customer loyalty to repeat purchases can occasionally be the cherry on top.

Integrating the above-mentioned will ensure customers use the app and increase your download ratio. But it is recommended to use a combination of these features because not all the features work for all business types.

Building a Feature-Rich Ecommerce App is Just a Step Away

The features you provide your customers are as important as the technology in a successful mobile e-commerce application. By offering special features and a fantastic shopping experience, mobile apps will unquestionably aid in expanding your company. Therefore, as previously discussed, mobile features for ecommerce apps are essential to improving the customer experience, which fosters online businesses success.

You can use these wonderful and amazing features of the mobile commerce app. Consult an experienced mobile app development company, and they will offer you excellent ecommerce app development services. If you want to include any of these features in your new or existing mobile app, please let us know your needs.

You require these ecommerce mobile app must features if you want to have a successful mobile commerce app.

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