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WordPress Mobile App Builder

Convert your WordPress site into a mobile app with Twinr's WordPress Mobile App Builder! Build cost-effectively and quickly, without compromising on quality.

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Trusted by Industry we serve

Trusted by Industry we serve

Key Features of Twnir's WordPress Mobile App Builder

Discover the amazing features of our WordPress Mobile App Builder! Easily turn your WordPress site into a powerful app without any hassle.

Personalized Push Notifications

These alerts are customized for your audience. Send tempting offers, update consumers on their order status in real time, tell them when out-of-stock items return, and gently remind them about abandoned carts. Our technology lets you personalize user engagement, increasing happiness and conversions.

Cart Refresh

Refresh your cart for a smooth shopping experience with Twinr's WordPress to app builder. This crucial utility updates users' shopping carts, preventing irritating disparities between the app and website. Easy browsing and buying boosts sales and pleasure.

Hamburger Menu

The Hamburger Menu, from Twinr's WordPress to app builder, enhances navigation in the WordPress mobile app. The simple and clear menu makes it easy to discover app areas including categories, settings, and user profiles. Simplify app navigation to improve usability.

Easily Roll Out App Updates

Update apps easily to stay ahead of the competition. Keep your app updated using our WordPress Mobile App Builder. This gives your customers the finest mobile app experience, boosting loyalty and happiness.

Easy third-party integrations

Twinr's WordPress mobile app builder makes third-party integrations easy. From payment gateways to analytics systems, integrate popular technologies to improve functionality. Use your mobile app to streamline workflow and provide users with a complete experience.

How to Convert Your WordPress Website into Mobile App in minutes

Transform your WordPress site into a feature-rich mobile app effortlessly and in just minutes with our WordPress Mobile App Builder. Follow these simple steps to convert your website into a fully functional app:

Convert WordPress website to a Mobile App with Twinr's Automation Engine

Kickstart the process of turning your WordPress site into an app by providing some basic app information like the App Name, Website URL, Industry, and Platform. Twinr's Automation Engine will work its magic and generate your production-ready native app, complete with all the recommended settings, in a matter of seconds.

Convert WordPress to Mobile App Help

Personalize Your Mobile App and Incorporate Add-ons

Tailor the appearance and functionality of your app to your liking. You can modify the app's icon and theme, experiment with different layouts, and seamlessly integrate a variety of extensions we offer. If you need expert guidance in building your app, our dedicated Twinr team is ready to assist you from start to finish.

Convert WordPress to Mobile App Help

Preview and Test Your Mobile App on Physical Devices

Take your app for a test drive before it goes live. Use the Twinr Preview App on your Android device or the browser-based in-app preview feature. It's user-friendly and lets you see your changes in real-time as you configure your app.

Convert WordPress to Mobile App Help

Launch Your App on the App Store and Play Store

Once you're satisfied with your app and have thoroughly tested it, it's time to make it available to users. Publish your app on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store with ease. If you need assistance with the publishing process, our Twinr team is at your service, managing every step to get your app live.

Convert WordPress to Mobile App Help

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Twinr WordPress app builder

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Frequently Asked Questions Related to

WordPress Mobile App Builder

Twinr's mobile app builder allows you to convert your WordPress website into a mobile app easily.
No, Twinr's app builder is designed for users with no coding experience, making it simple to create a mobile app.
To convert your WordPress into a mobile app, you can use our WordPress app builder, import your website's content, customize the app's appearance, and then publish it to app stores.
Using a mobile app builder for WordPress offers benefits like enhanced user experience, offline access, push notifications, and increased engagement with your website's content.
Our WordPress mobile app builder supports hamburger menu, offline view, in-app purchases, pull to refresh, and many more features.
Yes, Twinr's app builder includes support for push notifications, helping you engage with your app users effectively.
Yes, some mobile app builders offer real-time synchronization, ensuring that changes made on your WordPress site are reflected in the app without manual updates and Twinr Mobile App Builder is one of them.
Yes, Twinr's app builder supports multilingual sites, allowing you to create a mobile app that supports 136+ multiple languages.
Yes, Twinr offers various pricing plans to suit different needs, including subscription plans and one-time fees.

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