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News Mobile App Builder

Convert News Website into Native Android & iOS Mobile App

Building an Android & iOS mobile app from News Websites made easy with Twinr

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Traditional News Mobile App Development Challenges

Criteria Traditional Twinr Mobile
App Builder
Time to Market 3 to 6 Months 2 Hours
Dedicated Technical
Team Required
Coding Required
3rd Party Integration Additional Coding Required Works Out of the Box
Constant App Updates Tedious process Real time updates
App Approval Process For every small change,
app approval process required
Removes recurrent
app approval process
Initial Investment Huge Development Cost As low as $19
Cost High Negligible
Maintenance Required and costly Not required

Key Features

Personalized Push Notifications

Use our Personalized Push Notifications to navigate customer retention. These notifications serve as your digital messenger pigeons, informing and engaging your clients with exclusive deals, order voyage status, stock status, and abandoned carts.

Cart Refresh

Old carts will not intimidate your consumers! Our smart Cart Refresh feature offers a smooth purchase experience. Your customer's cart will always reflect the most recent item status, pricing, and availability, making shopping simple.

Hamburger Menu

Ships with simple menus sail well! A well-designed Hamburger Menu turns your app into a well-organized vessel with easy-to-find sections. It's more than just a menu; it's a compass that guides users around your e-commerce universe.

Easily roll out app updates

Maintaining continuous updates for new features, repairs, and frills will keep your mobile app working properly. Your e-commerce ship will always sail smoothly, embracing change and technological evolutions and never failing to satisfy clients.

Easy Third-Party Integrations

Consider each integration as an ally ship, from payment gateways to data analytics to plugins, that enhances your app's potential, capacity, and strength, equipping your e-commerce fleet to sail the digital seas of opportunity. Twinr can help you with that.

How to Convert Your News Website into Mobile App with Twinr

Building your mobile app through Twinr's News Mobile App Builder is an effortless process. We streamline the transformation of your website into a feature-packed app. Below are the steps guiding you through the conversion.

Create your Mobile App

Twinr Automation Engine!

Start by using our Automation Engine to create your app. Input necessary details like App Name, Website URL, Industry, and Platform. In mere seconds, Twinr's Automation Engine generates your native app, fully configured with recommended settings.

Create Your App Help

Customize Your Mobile App & Add Extensions

Tailor your app's appearance and functions according to your preferences. Modify icon themes, experiment with layouts, and seamlessly integrate various Twinr-provided extensions. Should you need guidance, our team of Twinr experts is available to assist throughout the process.

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Preview & Test Your Mobile App on Real Devices

To ensure your app aligns with your vision, preview and test it using the Twinr Preview App on an Android device or via our browser-based in-app preview. This intuitive tool enables realtime testing as you refine your app.

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Launch on the App Store and Play Store!

Once app building and testing are complete, it's time to share your creation. Publish your app on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Should you encounter any hurdles during the publishing process, our dedicated Twinr team can manage the entire procedure, ensuring a smooth and successful app launch.

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Why twinr

Twinr stands as the pinnacle of customer-centric, no-code app builders. Our dedication revolves around unwavering support, accompanying our customers throughout their entire journey.

100% App Approval Guarantee
Fastest Time to Market
Keep app current with live updates
Best App Performance
Easy to Use Mobile App Builder

Case Study

Assisting enterprises to foster creativity, cut costs, and enhance agility through our platform

Tupperware Singapore Store

Raised online Tupperware Shop, you can buy securely from the comfort of your own home! Your payment is handled directly by Tupperware Brands Singapore and products shipped directly from the warehouse.

RC Spotters

Spotted RC Rock Crawling and Scale Trails. Discover the newest RC rock crawling trails and courses shared by fellow spotters!


An app dedicated to customers of the thermal establishment allowing them to identify their health profile, and to establish a personalized nutrition course.

Twinr News App Builder

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Frequently Asked Questions Related to

News Mobile App Builder

A news mobile app builder simplifies news app development, allowing you to build Android and iOS apps from your news website. Commonly known as a 'news app maker,' it streamlines the process of creating a news app.
Yes, you can create a mobile app for your news website without any coding skills. By using a news app builder or app maker, you can easily develop a mobile app by simply dragging and dropping components and configuring settings. This way, you can bring your news content to a wider audience on both Android and iOS platforms.
Having a mobile app for your news website offers several benefits. It provides a more personalized and convenient way for users to access your news content on their mobile devices. A mobile app also enables you to send push notifications, promoting breaking news and engaging with your audience in real-time. Additionally, it allows for better user engagement, as users can easily share news articles and interact with your content through features like comments and likes.
Yes, it is possible to build both Android and iOS mobile apps from your news website. Many news app builders support cross-platform development, allowing you to create apps that work on both operating systems simultaneously. This will ensure that you reach a wider audience across different devices.
The cost of building a news app with app builder can vary based on the platform you choose and the features you require. Some app builders offer free plans with limited features, while others have monthly or annual subscription fees. You may also have additional expenses for app store registration. It's essential to assess your budget and the needs of your dating app project to find the most suitable option.

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