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What could be better than getting more than expected in your app without writing a single line of code. Build production-ready apps with value-added features in no time and validate startup ideas with Twinr.

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Space-age features

Expect everything but coding

1 Real Time Preview

The importance of preview can be understood by imagining what would happen if there were no option for preview. Getting to see how the app looks like only after publishing it would have been so miserable. Our instant preview feature ensures you know how things look like on a real-time basis, with every single change.

2 Over The Air

Updates are an integral part of technology; apps are no exceptions. Sometimes due to user feedback, other times it would be your own idea; but you’ll make periodic updates in your app. Our cloud app update gives you a competitive advantage by letting you update anytime, from anywhere.

3 Native UI

Create native apps for Android and iOS in a single click. Offer top-notch performance to your customers with an app that can access native device capabilities and functionalities with 100% reliability and performance.

4 Branding

Build a brand identity by maintaining consistency in elements such as navigation bar, title, bar buttons, back buttons across platforms including the website. The fully customizable features allow you to create an app which is aligned with your website.

5 Platform agnostic

With Twinr, platform doesn’t hold great significance. The software is not bound by any platform limitations. As long as your site is mobile-friendly and the platform is responsive, Twinr will convert it effortlessly.

6 Pay when you publish

Create apps, customize and personalize them, check the preview and rework on them ‘n’ number of times. You need not pay anything until you’re confident with your app and decide to publish it.
The more, the better.

Take your app to another level


Device agnostic
Device agnostic

Create apps that work on all devices – smartphones, tablets and smart TVs.

Pull to refresh
Pull to refresh

Swiftly and conveniently refresh the content of the app with a simple pull.

edit app only
Edit app only

Don’t want to edit the website? Inject css and JavaScript files to edit the app only.

push notification
Push notifications

Insert .json /.plist file in the ‘notifications’ section for enabling push notifications.


Numerous tutorials for every step throughout the app building and publishing journey.

fast delivery
Fast delivery

Build with Twinr to get your app ready for publishing in a few mins.

Cart Integration
Cart integration

Integrate cart in your app through Twinr to let your customers add items.

JavaScript to Native Bridge
JavaScript to Native bridge

Dynamically configure and control your app and its functionality from your website.

Media Playback
Media playback

Integrate media playback functionality and use native features to control the playback.

Splash screen
Splash screen

Customizable splash screen with striking visuals for better customer experience while the app loads.

handle link
Handle link

Twinr allows you to control how an internal/external link opens – in the current tab, in the mobile browser or in the app browser.

Build with Twinr today!

It is fast, packed with features and quite easy to use. And the best part is, you don’t need to possess any coding skills to make use of it or invest a huge chunk of your time or money.

Start your coding journey from here and avail the Twinr advantage.

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Try it for free