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Trusted by Industry we serve

Trusted by Industry we serve

Key Features

Abandoned Cart

Send an unlimited number of targeted push notifications to users who have abandoned their shopping carts in order to remind them to complete their purchases and encourage them to do so.

Cart Refresh

Twinr's cart refresh feature updates all app screens automatically whenever changes are made to the cart, ensuring that the customer's cart screen is always current and accurate.


Twinr provides top-quality language support and automatic translation capabilities, with support for over 136 languages.

Personalized Push Notification

Twinr provides an unlimited number of personalized push notifications that are tailored to specific users or groups in order to increase engagement and conversions.

Hamburger Menu

Twinr offers three styles of customizable hamburger menus that can be used to collapse and expand navigation in responsive mobile design.

Member Login

To limit access to certain screens, you can require users to log in before they can view them. You can also choose to keep users logged in for convenience after they have logged in for the first time.

App Onboarding

App Onboarding is a feature that helps new users learn how to use an app by providing a series of screens that introduce the app's features and functions, along with tutorials or tips.

App Monetization

Twinr supports Google AdMob, which makes it easy for app developers to monetize their apps through banner, interstitial, and app open ads. AdMob helps app developers generate revenue through clicks and impressions.

How to Build App on Twinr?

When you create an account, we will send you a guide you can follow to create your app, also we will send you an email on each step with best practices throughout your journey. Following are the steps

Create your app with

Twinr Automation Engine!

Start creating your app with entering basic app information such as App Name, Website URL, Industry, and Platform. Twinr Automation Engine will create your production ready native app with all the recommended setups in seconds.

Create Your App Help

Customize your app & Configure Add-ons.

You can customize the look and feel of your app by changing the icon and theme, using different layouts, and integrating with a wide range of extensions that we provide. If you need assistance building your app, our Twinr experts can help you create your app from start to finish.

Create Your App Help

Preview & Test App in Physical Device

To preview and test your app, you can use the Twinr Preview App on an Android device or our browser-based in-app preview. It is easy to use and allows you to preview and test your changes in real-time as you configure your app.

Create Your App Help

Go Live on App Store and Play Store!

Once you have finished building and testing your app, you can make it available to users by publishing it on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. If you need assistance with the publishing process, our team at Twinr can manage the process from start to finish to get your app live.

Create Your App Help

How We Implement

Assisting enterprises to foster creativity, cut costs, and enhance agility through our platform

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Twinr mobile app builder

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Frequently Asked Questions

Related to Shopify App Builder

Anyone who has the website or store built on Shopify can easily use an app maker like Twinr to create the android and iOS app, since Twinr is a no-code platform. There is no need to be a technical person or need to write code, the app can be created and tested in 30 mins, the user interface is easy to use and there is no need for maintenance. Hence, Twinr is the best in market solution for app building. Ex. for $5000, a business owner can have their Android & iOS apps for 12 years if they are on a standard plan.
Twinr creates native iOS and Android apps that can be published on play store and app stores. That means, after that, the app owner can send generalised, personalised, and abandoned cart push notifications to his app users.
Twinr is an industry agnostic no code app maker and it can turn any shopify website into an app using Twinr. If the website is on apparel, ecommerce, appointment booking, health or fitness industry, it really doesn’t matter to Twinr. You can create an app for any industry and any technology.
Twinr offers 14 day free trial and allows users to create a fully functional android and iOS app with all premium features. The customer can even publish the app to App Store or Play Store while on free trial. After completion of 14 days, the customer has to purchase any plan otherwise the app will stop working.
To create the mobile app, there is no cost for the first 14 days, then users need to move to any plan to keep those apps running. Twinr doesn’t provide any branding on the apps created from Twinr. The customer has to create his/her own Google/iOS developer account and publish the app in their account.

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