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How to Increase Sales Through Your Shopify Mobile App?

By Gaurav Parvadiya | Last Updated On June 24th, 2024

As an online retailer, persuading customers to make a purchase might be difficult. With so many possibilities, buyers look out for the greatest offers depending on their preferences before making a purchase. If you’re an eCommerce owner, having a website is excellent. However many people are unaware of how crucial it is to have a mobile app for eCommerce business.  

In 2022, sales of mobile commerce have reached $431 billion. Therefore, you’ll need to be ready to seize the opportunities on mobile. Shopify, which had 2.1 million daily active users in 2023, is among the greatest platforms for selling goods. Realizing your full potential is made simpler for you by the Shopify ecosystem. You’re losing out on a lot of possible sales, though, if your Shopify mobile app isn’t up to scratch. It’s also time to review your usage of the app.

The hot topic that keeps coming up is: How can you increase sales of your Shopify mobile app?

So, to answer this question, let’s dive into the blog to learn how to increase sales and utilize the Shopify ecosystem:

Why Is Engaging with the Shopify Ecosystem Essential?

Shopify simplifies online store setup and management with its straightforward platform, scalable solutions, and wide range of apps and connectors. Mobile optimization, strong security, and a supportive community improve the eCommerce app’s strength.

Businesses stay competitive and adaptive in the ever-changing internet industry with seamless third-party integration and regular updates. Leveraging the Shopify ecosystem gives businesses the tools and resources they need to flourish online.

Why Does Your eCommerce Business Need a Mobile App?

There are countless reasons why e-commerce businesses must own mobile apps for Shopify store, but the most common and convincing reasons are listed:

Convenience for users

At the end of the day, online retailers should always respond to their users’ demands and give them what is most convenient and useful to. According to a Heady poll, convenience, incentives, and user-friendliness are the top three reasons why buyers favor mobile apps.

02 What do like about using mobile apps for your shopping needs 1

Increased loyalty

Giving consumers an easy option to shop increases revenue and customer loyalty. The more delighted users are with your app’s UX and functionality, the more likely they are to stick with your brand. 

Increased conversions

Mobile app for Shopify store enable a variety of successful marketing strategies, including push notifications. Back-in-stock alerts or cart abandonment messages sent as app notifications are more likely to be viewed than emails.

Push notifications are the simplest way for mobile commerce businesses to communicate with their customers and the quickest way for a client to move from being informed to taking action in the app. 

Easy way to keep customers informed

The mobile app’s home screen and notifications allow you to highlight new arrivals and current specials. You may also personalize them by showing offers that a specific consumer may be interested in based on their app browsing and ordering history. 

Understand User Demographics and Preferences

Understanding your customers’ demands is crucial for mobile commerce merchants. A few significant methods are: 

  • First, you can review your stats to determine which pages are most visited and for how long. You can use analytic software that shows what users like and where they drop off. 
  • Second, by reading reviews and positive and negative feedback to learn what customers think of your products and services and what they want to change. 
  • Finally, surveys and focus groups can reveal what users desire and how they feel about your business. 

Understanding your users will help you give them the best experience, which will boost sales and brand loyalty.

Research Competitors and Establish Unique Selling Points

In order to succeed in this competitive e-commerce world, retailers are required to research their competitors thoroughly. Businesses can carve out their place in the market by learning about the tactics and products of their rivals. Even though there are many ways to investigate competitors, a quick Google search will provide you with a thorough picture of who your competitors are and where they are online. 

Equipped with this understanding, enterprises may ascertain their USP or what makes them stand out from the competition. By emphasizing this unique quality in their marketing campaigns, they can draw customers who are specifically looking for what they have to offer. 

 Even though eCommerce has many obstacles, conducting in-depth competitor analysis gives companies the advantage they need to succeed in the online market.

Develop a Targeted Marketing Strategy

By learning about their rivals’ tactics and products, businesses can carve out their own place in the market. 

Even though there are many ways to investigate competitors, a quick Google search will provide you with a thorough picture of who your competitors are and where they are online. Equipped with this understanding, enterprises may ascertain their USP, or what makes them stand out from the competition. 

Emphasizing this unique quality in their marketing campaigns can draw customers who are specifically looking for what they have to offer. 

Offer Customer Support

Excellent customer service is key to eCommerce success. A strong approach includes many support channels, responsiveness, and good service quality. Merchants allow customers to contact them by phone, live chat, email, and social media. Responding quickly to consumer requests and issues shows care and boosts satisfaction. 

Going beyond and above to satisfy customers shows dedication. eCommerce merchants build customer loyalty and repeat business by providing excellent service with the help of a mobile app for eCommerce.

Activate Push Notifications

Mobile commerce apps enable unmatched consumer connectivity. While chat boxes and email work, push notifications are especially helpful for engagement and revenue. Merchants can directly tell app users of new products, discounts, and items in their cart using push notifications. 

3. Activate Push Notifications.

Restraint is needed to avoid overwhelming customers with alerts. Segmenting push notifications improves their effectiveness. Shopify App Store merchants can increase engagement and conversions by segmenting customers by preferences and past purchases and sending relevant and timely alerts.

Implement Referral and Loyalty Programs

Shopify merchants can boost sales by encouraging customers to spend more with a loyalty program. Integrating apps with such programs boosts their effectiveness. Loyalty programs encourage repeat business and higher spending. This increases customer loyalty and repeat purchases, benefiting the business. 

Shopify experts advise businesses to use reward programs to acquire more customers, stimulate continuing involvement, and improve the shopping experience. Loyalty programs are essential for businesses that want to keep consumers and succeed.

Integrate Flexible Payment Options

A mobile app for the Shopify store can give your consumers more options when it comes to money collection. You should not assume that every customer visiting your Shopify store is using a Visa or Mastercard. You must provide the widest range of payment choices. Your checkout conversion rates will increase as a result.

Over 58% of Shopify checkouts originate from mobile devices. However, if the shopping experience isn’t tailored for their mobile device, 30% of mobile customers won’t finish the transaction. To maximize mobile checkouts, an app is by far the best option.

These payment apps are already widely used by users on their iOS and Android mobile devices. To enable users to check out as quickly as possible, you can incorporate payment gateways and checkout features into your app. Occasionally, all they’ll need to convert is a fingerprint. 

Enable One-Click Purchasing

Entering a lot of information simply to purchase a single item might be a nuisance when shopping online. Prolonged delays can influence customers’ decision-making, so it’s critical to provide a streamlined purchasing experience that reduces delays to expedite the process and avoid potential irritation.

2. 58 of mobile shoppers

The standard procedures for making a purchase usually consist of:

  • Locating the item
  • Placing the item in the shopping cart
  • Finding the way to the cart
  • Entering a name and supplying contact details (phone number, email address)
  • putting in an email address
  • Entering shipment details and billing information
  • Completing the checkout

Customers may become overwhelmed by the several processes needed to purchase a single item, potentially leaving your Shopify site in favor of easier shopping options elsewhere.

Simplify Checkout Process

Long and complicated checkout processes can dissuade Shopify mobile app buyers. Simplify checkout to save sales. Allow guest checkout, accept several payment methods, and use autofill to save customers time. Promote safe payment alternatives to build client trust. Provide free shipping or incentives to boost sales. 

Fast and efficient, Shop Pay’s rapid checkout option boosts customer happiness. Leveraging Shop’s over 100 million shoppers benefits both regular customers and sellers, increasing reach and platform engagement.

Ensure App Usability and Navigation

eCommerce sellers are continuously striving to boost conversions. Conversion rate optimization relies heavily on app usability. You need a mobile partner with easy navigation.  

  • First, make sure your app has simple navigation. The information should be easy to find without becoming lost. 
  • Second, label app buttons and links clearly. 
  • Third, build your app mobile-first. Your software should support touch and smaller screens. 
  • Fourth, test your app’s usability and navigation. Real users should test your app to make sure they can find what they need. 
  • Fifth, update your app as design trends change. 

Following these suggestions will make your software easy to use and navigate, increasing conversions.

Regularly Update the App with New Features

eCommerce merchants must continuously add new features and improvements to their apps. This has two basic causes. First, buyers demand trendy eCommerce apps. Obsolete apps will be deleted and replaced by competitors. Second, to be competitive, eCommerce merchants must constantly upgrade their apps. eCommerce merchants must immediately introduce a feature or improvement that matches a competitor’s. Online retailers can stay competitive and enticing by updating their apps.

Find a Trustworthy Shopify Mobile App Builder

To find a reliable Shopify mobile app builder that meets your business goals and technological needs, examine many factors. Twinr is a top choice for Shopify app development and custom solutions for varied business needs.

The most important is reliability. Successful projects and delighted clients support Twinr’s trusted development partner status. Twinr promotes knowing your business goals through transparency and collaboration to offer solutions that match your vision.

Technical expertise is also important. Twinr’s Shopify-savvy developers can build advanced, feature-rich mobile apps to your specifications. Twinr can implement bespoke functions, seamless integrations, and optimal user experiences.

Flexibility and scalability are also important. With Twinr’s agile development methodology, you can react to changing business needs and market trends to stay ahead. Twinr’s solutions will scale and add value to your business, whether it’s small or large.

Twinr’s Shopify mobile app builder is committed to your success. Twinr’s knowledge, quality, and customer-centric approach can help you reach your mobile commerce app goals and expand sustainably in the competitive digital world.

The End Note

With the Shopify mobile commerce app, there are a few things you need to do in order to boost sales. Make sure customers can easily and smoothly shop. Employ successful marketing techniques to draw in more customers. Continue to enhance the app using the data you collect.

There are plenty of reasons to use Shopify to convert website to app because the mobile app for the Shopify store offers endless benefits in terms of reach, customer loyalty, high-end customer support, and greater chances of sales.

Compared to simply having a website, a feature-rich mobile commerce app can help you reach more customers and make much more money.

Using a mobile app can increase the size of your eCommerce store even more. It’s a wise decision to convert the Shopify Store into a mobile app with Twinr because it’s a cost-effective way to get an app.

It’s high time to get started on developing your mobile eCommerce app with Twinr to compete with the world.

Gaurav Parvadiya

Gaurav is the founder and CEO of Twinr, a tech entrepreneur with a decade of experience and a passion for SaaS. With a Master's degree in Computer Science, he specializes in no-code development, driving innovation in the mobile app industry. When he's not busy growing the company, you'll find him writing about tech, growth, software development, e-commerce, and occasionally sneaking in a game of badminton.

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