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What Features Do Customers Want in a Mobile App?

By Gaurav Parvadiya | Last Updated On June 19th, 2024

Nearly all people purchase online. As predicted, 85.65%  of consumers would rather shop through apps than mobile websites. Apps perform better than web pages in terms of mobile app experience since they are more personalized and have better performance. The majority of store owners, like you, need help to choose the top mobile app developer in order to interact with their target market and boost in-store traffic.

Customers now have a wide range of online purchasing options thanks to the rise in mobile retailers. Most of the time, they purchase goods from shops that provide excellent customer service and the best deals. For this reason, in order to keep people coming, you must continuously provide context and significance. Selecting the ideal no-code or low-code mobile app builder store for your customers is the first step on your path to growing your e-commerce business.

After reading this post, you will know how to handle mobile app solutions in a way that works best for your e-commerce company. 

Common Mobile App Features Desired by Customers 

Customers want their mobile apps to be easy to use, helpful, and fun. Here are some features they love:

Enhanced User Experience

When someone installs your mobile app, they want to act quickly and easily. To maintain users’ attention and loyalty, your mobile app must continuously demonstrate its value.

Consumers who shop on their phones have high criteria for your store in terms of usability, speed, and performance. Outstanding retail establishments such as Amazon and Walmart are able to increase their revenue rapidly due to their superior user experience.

The following are some essential components of an excellent mobile app experience:

  • Guide users effectively with clear calls to action.
  • Utilize familiar navigation patterns to simplify the onboarding process.
  • Eliminate distractions that can interrupt the mobile app experience of users.
  • Ensure every visual element serves a purpose on the screen.
  • Value and act upon user feedback.

Hyper personalization

Consider interacting with each member of your clientele personally, getting to know their problems, and offering to help. That is customization’s fundamental component. Since the days of “Hello, welcome back to our website,” personalization has advanced significantly.

These are some items that, based on your past purchases, you’ll enjoy. Hyper-personalization, which is currently prevalent, raises the bar. Businesses may deliver each customer a special purchasing experience with hyper-personalization. To do this, each customer’s profile is customized using data points and offers, and messages are then sent that are specifically tailored to them.

For instance, consumers who purchase earphones on a regular basis can get push notifications on new styles from their preferred Earphone brand. Businesses may maintain client engagement and loyalty by offering a customized mobile app experience for their e-commerce business.

Personalized App Features

In the modern world, people have access to an almost infinite number of apps. It might be challenging to stand out from the crowd when there are so many possibilities. Offering user-specific customization choices is one approach to differentiate your app from the competition and enhance the mobile app experience.

Giving customers the option to customize the app to suit their tastes will help you make it more enjoyable and individualized for them, which will encourage them to use it again. Additionally, you may increase your chances of success in the fiercely competitive app industry by tailoring your app to the unique requirements of your target market.

Therefore, whether your goal is to increase app visibility in a crowded market or enhance client experience, customization is always something to think about.

Loyalty and Rewards

A wonderful method to promote repeat business and keep clients coming back for more is through loyalty programs. And it’s more crucial than ever to hold on to your devoted consumers in the world of eCommerce, where buyers can make purchases from anybody at any time.

Customers are encouraged to stay with you through loyalty programs, which are also a wonderful method to express gratitude for their business. However, there are a few considerations to remember while creating a loyalty scheme.

  • Make sure the prizes are something your clients would like to receive.
  • Make it simple for them to accumulate and use points.
  • Last but not least, remember to advertise your program. Tell your clients what to anticipate when sticking with your company.

You may create a loyalty program to entice your consumers to return time and time with the help of the ideal mobile app builder.

Smooth Checkout Process

For online customers, the checkout procedure is more laborious. Although reducing the number of fields is crucial, it is only feasible to do away with them partially, and the checkout process is when the majority of the information must be entered.

The secret is to minimize the number of fields and only request information from users that you actually need.

  • Is it really necessary to have two fields for the customer’s name, for instance?
  • Or can the fields for First Name and Last Name be merged into one?

Seek for options to have some fields, including City and State, automatically filled in when a zip code is entered as you develop a mobile app.

Users benefit from these subtle touches, which speed up and simplify the procedure. As with other sections of your mobile app, check that buttons and fields can be easily picked using your thumbs and fingers (rather than a mouse).

The ease with which customer data may be saved in a mobile app to optimize the checkout process is one of its greatest features. Permit users to store their shipping addresses and payment methods so that all it takes to check out is a few clicks on a pre-filled list.

User-Friendly Navigation

For your app to attract and keep the proper users, it must be easy to use. Simplifying your app, getting rid of unnecessary elements, and choosing which features are most important to have in the front interface are all necessary to make it user-friendly and intuitive.

If the app is not used by users, marketplace stores like Google Play Store and Apple App Store will consider it as not useful and may remove it. However, if the app is used more frequently than it is expected to be used, the app is still prevalent and can be removed. 

app abandonment 2018

Of app users, 21% acknowledged having deleted an app they found difficult to use. Users look for two main things in mobile apps: an intuitive navigation system and overall usefulness. Additionally, mobile developers need to constantly be thinking about new methods to provide better mobile experiences.

Live Sales Feature

Live selling is the latest trend in e-commerce, and its appeal is clear. Streaming enables shoppers to view products in real-time, while instant shopping facilitates quick purchases with just a few clicks. 

Beyond its practical benefits, live selling is an excellent method for building customer relationships and fostering a sense of community around your brand. Plus, it’s a lot of fun! If you’re considering delving into live selling, here are a few key points to keep in mind:

  • Choose the right platform for your live streams.
  • Create engaging content. Your live streams should offer value and connect with your audience, so aim to be informative and entertaining.
  • Be prepared for some trial and error as you navigate this new sales channel.

Simplified Experience

As part of your attempts to design a mobile app, you can make numerous changes to your app. But if those wonderful things don’t match the requirements as well as the choices of your target market, you can wind up doing more harm than good.

Therefore, adding features to your mobile app that are unnecessary for end users could compromise its general functionality and usefulness. As we all know, users need straightforward and easy-to-use app navigation; thus, keeping things simple is essential to preserving this feature.

A straightforward, practical design ought to be the main inspiration behind your creation.

Product Demonstration

Including product and service demos in your app will benefit you better than it will harm you, even though your consumers won’t tell you. Demos frequently offer verifiable evidence that a product exists and functions as intended.

So, make sure that your app supports product demos.

Order Tracking

In the event that your website lacks order tracking features, make sure your mobile app does. For your customers, faster delivery and more transparency are essential. In order to enable users to follow their products from anywhere, your mobile app needs to have an order or product tracking capability.

Return Process

Customer satisfaction depends on having a simple and easy return procedure. Customer experiences should be flawless at every stage of the journey, whether they are exploring, buying, or thinking about returning anything. 

Businesses such as Zappos exhibit their dedication to consumer convenience and superior service by integrating a simple return procedure immediately into the application. Together with improving the user experience overall, this feature builds customer loyalty and trust, which promotes repeat business and positive word-of-mouth recommendations.

Customer Reviews

Reviews, particularly in internet buying, are the best source of evidence. Increased sales can be achieved through social proof, particularly when customers provide frank, distinctive, and open evaluations of your goods and services.

4. Customer Review

Customers, therefore, seek social verification that your goods are reliable and genuine. Providing accurate and favorable evaluations and incorporating them into your mobile apps will give you this assurance.

Customer Support

In the event that your app offers specials, trials, and refunds, assistance is needed. To ensure that your clients’ experiences stay flawless and unblemished, providing help entails providing direct links to live chat and customer service.

3. Customer Support

The majority of the recurring customer service concerns may now be addressed with great ease thanks to the app development of customer support systems. It’s crucial to remember, nonetheless, that providing live assistance via phone calls or chats is a fantastic way to stay in touch with your clients and guarantee they receive the greatest possible customer care.

Enhanced Security Measures

For every internet user, online and data security is an essential component and necessity, especially for ensuring a secure mobile app experience. Anytime a user wishes to utilize a new app, they must have internet security. It’s recommended to take precautionary, confirmed steps to safeguard your app from virus attacks and potential hackers looking to steal consumer data.

Keep in mind that hacker attempts and virus attacks may scare away potential users during the app launch and app growth phase, which could lead to the failure of a promising app.

High-Quality Images

Despite being a vital component of any design job, this mobile app feature is often disregarded. Every one of your photos needs to be incredibly sharp and have the ideal resolution.

Easy navigation is just as crucial as high-quality image resolution. An effective picture presentation keeps viewers interested. Your app’s exquisite details and high-quality graphics entice users and prolong their stay.

Flexible Functionality

Customers want your app to work on almost every operating system, including Android and iOS. Thus, make sure your app is compatible with all operating systems and remove any limitations.

This is due to the wide variety of smartphone operating systems available. Therefore, to optimize your app’s performance, make it available on the majority of these operating systems.

To keep your audience happy and interested, always bear in mind the various screen sizes and resolutions of various smartphone devices before uploading your app.

Push Notifications and Updates

Not to mention, upgrades and notifications must be included in your app. Notifications serve as information networks that educate clients about offers, demos, payments, new items, and other pertinent information.

2. Push Notification

Notifications and updates also assist in maintaining the relevance and freshness of your app for users. Use notifications such as SMS, email, and social media to keep your target audience informed about new features and engaged.

If you make changes to your app, you will maintain the interest and satisfaction of your users.

Grow your Sales with a Trusted Mobile App Builder

Develop a mobile app with Twinr as it offers a range of advantages that can help businesses boost sales and enhance customer satisfaction. Twinr’s features, which we’ve discussed in this blog, are designed to satisfy the needs as well as preferences of modern customers. Twinr provides a streamlined user experience with its user-friendly interface & instinctive design tools, making app development easy that meets customers’ expectations and fosters loyalty.

Additionally, Twinr ensures enhanced performance, ensuring that your app runs smoothly and efficiently, providing a seamless shopping experience and encouraging repeat purchases. The platform’s customization features allow for tailored apps that offer personalized recommendations and promotions, further driving sales. With seamless integration with existing systems and platforms, Twinr enables easy app management and performance tracking, leading to improved sales and profitability. Moreover, Twinr’s website to app converter makes the transition from a website to a mobile app effortless, ensuring consistency and enhanced functionality across all user touchpoints.


Your mobile app’s efficacy and sales can be greatly increased by comprehending and implementing user preferences. Apps that meet and even beyond user expectations can be made by giving priority to features that provide convenience, customization, and engagement.

In addition, selecting a reputable mobile app developer like Twinr can expedite the app development process and give you the resources required to produce an app that increases consumer happiness and sales. The secret to success in today’s cutthroat industry is to concentrate on client preferences, whether you’re new to developing mobile apps or want to improve your current app.

Choose Twinr today and start creating an app that meets your users’ needs and drives your business forward. Sign up for Twinr to learn more about how our no-code mobile app builder can transform your vision into reality.

Gaurav Parvadiya

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