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What Is a White-Label Mobile App? Everything You Need to Know

By Gaurav Parvadiya | Last Updated On June 26th, 2024

Is the need for custom app development fading?

Well, the answer is very subjective, but the reality is that there are now many app development methods available in the market and people are shifting towards them very quickly. 

Traditional or custom app development is expensive, time-consuming, and difficult. Citizen development, low-code platforms, code-free app producers, and other cost-effective and time-saving solutions are appealing to corporations, organizations, and developers.

These platforms and solutions have simplified app development and made it easier for consumers to establish their own app or app development service. The rise of white-label mobile apps confirms this.

Let’s talk about white-label app development and popular white-label mobile app builders so you can be sure whether this development option is suitable for you or not and what benefits it offers:

What is a White-Label Mobile App?

An app built by one company but branded and sold by another is a white-label mobile app. It’s a strategy for app development in which one company creates, sells, and markets apps that look like others.

White-label mobile app builder allows another brand to create and distribute apps under their own brand. It can include the app, support, services, and other assets.

Example: A restaurant wants its own customer app but has no visible link to the app developer. They may employ a white-label solution provider to construct their mobile app, which would look like the restaurant’s.

An entrepreneur entering the app development business or an agency expanding its services are other options. They can use no-code app builders like Twinr to swiftly create brand-specific apps and satisfy clients.

Many developers, agencies, and organizations choose white-label services due to a developer shortage and costly app development infrastructure expenses. Many choose these services due to their price, quickness, and ease of upkeep.

Which Industries Can Use White-Label Mobile Apps?

There is no restriction for using white-label mobile apps in any business but the most popular and suitable industries are listed below:

2. Industries Using White Label Mobile Apps


Online businesses often use white-label applications to customize customer purchasing experiences. For instance, a clothes retailer may customize a pre-made app to boost brand identity and streamline digital buying.

Travel and Hospitality:

Hotels, travel agencies, and booking platforms use white-label applications to improve booking and reservation services for consumers in the travel and hospitality business.

Fitness and Wellness:

White-label applications enable fitness centers, personal trainers, and wellness platforms to provide customized workouts, nutrition plans, and tracking tools to clients.

Real Estate:

Real estate companies and property management firms can use white-label applications to showcase properties, offer virtual tours, and streamline transactions for customers.

What Are the Benefits and Drawbacks of White-Label App Development?

White-label mobile app development offers both advantages and disadvantages. It has advantages and disadvantages similar to every other way of app development. Let us investigate the advantages & downsides:

Pros of White-Label App Development

White-label solutions offer various advantages over custom app development. Here are some significant benefits of white-label mobile app development:

Low barrier to entry

A white-label mobile app development solution includes a ready-to-go infrastructure and environment. As a result, launching an app development firm is both economical and simple. Anyone can become an entrepreneur or improve their business by developing apps in a quick and efficient setting, as long as they have a reliable white-label solution.

Easy brand credibility

Offering smooth, smart, and scalable solutions is the most effective strategy to gain client trust and loyalty. White-label platforms enable organizations to provide clients with smart solutions without having to deal with the complexities of app development. They can brand the product as their own and lead their customers to believe that they are the ones that improved their experience.

Zero backlog

Project backlogs and backlog-related disparities are widespread among app development agencies and companies. Such agencies can overcome their constraints by applying white-labeled app development solutions throughout their organization. It will improve staff efficiency and open up new options for growth and revenue.

Faster time to market

White-label mobile app development solutions, particularly no-code white-label mobile app builders, reduce development time and accelerate time-to-market. They assist firms in achieving their objectives in a fast-paced environment, freeing up resources to pursue additional projects. Maintenance obligations are also decreased, resulting in increased staff efficiency and production.

Financially rewarding

The above features contribute to the overall growth and profitability of the business that uses white-label app development solutions. Businesses can design affordable apps in mass and offer them to their end users at any price. Apps may be monetized in a variety of ways, making it a win-win situation for both businesses and customers.

Cons of white-label app development

Every solution has its own set of downsides and challenges. Here are some of the difficulties of white-label app development.

Customization and scalability problems

One of the major drawbacks or challenges of white-label app development is the limited opportunity for customization and scalability. Most white-label app providers employ the same app architecture or framework across all of their apps. This generates design and functionality overlap, which eventually leads to app rejections.

Ownership and power concerns

White Label Apps are developed by one company and sold by another one. This can lead to uncertainty about accountability, source code ownership, app ownership in general, control and authority disputes, and other issues. The reliance on third parties for remedies and updates can also cause delays and problems. Therefore, it is best to evaluate these facts and choose an online solution that is honest and upfront about its terms and policies.

Popular White Label Apps/Services in 2024?

White-label apps and services for many business purposes and industries have become popular in 2024. A few famous examples:

App icons and names of apps

  • Uber Direct is a distinctive white-label service that integrates on-demand delivery for businesses. A pay-per-use approach lets businesses effortlessly integrate Uber’s delivery service into their own channels, giving them full control over delivery and customer engagement under their branding.
  • MailMunch offers white-label email marketing services, including automation and lead creation. These tools allow users to construct commercial apps while keeping brand identification.
  • Zoho enables organizations to integrate their brand identity into end-user applications. No-code app development and a developer SDK for custom features give organizations freedom and customization with Zoho’s white-label solution.
  • Shopify, a popular white-label program, enables businesses to create customized e-commerce platforms. Businesses may construct distinctive online stores using Shopify’s architecture and capabilities.

These white-label apps and services help organizations improve their offers, streamline processes, and retain brand consistency while adding value to customers.

Is White-Label App Development Right for Your Business?

For businesses searching for an affordable solution to rapidly release a white-label mobile app without requiring significant development or technical know-how, white-label apps can be a terrific choice.

The advantages of white-label mobile apps can outweigh the disadvantages, even if you can be dependent on a supplier and have less flexibility and customization. You can also save money, time, and effort, and receive continuing technical support.

To make the process simpler and quicker, Twinr is a mobile app builder. This white-label mobile app builder is an affordable option for your company. Twinr is easy to use and operate allowing users to simply convert a website into app, no matter what the requirement is because it offers customizations as well.

So, businesses with limited resources or those who want to rebrand their business can choose Twinr white label mobile app builder to get the app.

White-Label VS Custom App Development – Understanding the Difference

Understanding how white-label mobile app development differs from custom app development helps clarify it. Read on to discover:


  • Custom mobile app development: Built from scratch using standard frameworks and scripts. The app’s segments are unique and fulfill certain aims. Business or developer-created apps serve clients directly.
  • White-label mobile app development: Most white-label platforms offer a pre-built ecosystem or infrastructure that all clients use to construct bespoke apps. In this case, businesses sell third-party apps as their own.

Development Process

  • Custom mobile app development: Traditional app development is full of complexities. A competent team must also handle app development, content-population, and management.
  • White-label mobile app development: It allows developers to create and launch apps quickly. Apps are either produced by a third party or simplify app development using low-code or no-code app builders.

Time and cost

  • Custom mobile app development: It is time-consuming and expensive. Custom pricing is unstandardized, resulting in unfair quotes, high budgets, and months-long wait times. Iterations, upgrades, and maintenance boost development costs.
  • White-label mobile app development: The majority of white-label mobile app development options are priced to fit all budgets. Including maintenance and updates with the subscription makes it inexpensive. Rapid app development and launch readiness in a few days saves time using this method.


  • Custom Mobile App Development: The main benefit of custom app development is unlimited customization. Customize and add features and functions as you like. But this can clutter and raise costs.
  • White-label mobile app development:White-labeled app development solutions allow some modification. However, new no-code solutions allow app developers to customize their apps, integrate, and give smart customization options.

Updating and scaling

  • Custom mobile app development: While custom apps are usually scalable, even a simple upgrade or feature change can disrupt code and cost dearly. Custom app development, on the other hand, greatly increases flexibility and scalability.
  • White-label mobile app development: Scalability can be difficult with some White-labeled app development solutions because they’re pre-defined. Many white-label systems now enable scalability and one-click updates and feature deployments without additional expenditures as technology improves.

Owning source code

  • Custom mobile app development: Developers control the whole app development process and own the source code. Based on the use case, the app is usually owned by the developer or owner, thus there is no conflict of power.
  • White-label mobile app development: App owners or developers may not have access to the source code. App accountability and ownership might be unclear when other parties produce apps or development platforms.

Quick Summary

Aspect Custom Mobile App Development White-label Mobile App Development
Approach Built from scratch using traditional frameworks and codes Utilizes pre-built ecosystems or third-party development
Ease of Development Requires extensive effort and professional team Simplified with low-code/no-code app builders or third-party devs
Cost and Time Costly and time-consuming, varying pricing and long wait times Budget-friendly with subscription models, faster development
Customization Endless customization possibilities, potential for clutter Some customization within fixed ecosystem, modern options
Scalability and Updates Scalable but updates may disrupt code and incur costs Scalability varies, some offer easy updates without costs
Source Code Ownership Complete control over source code and development process Limited access to source code, potential ownership confusion

The choice of these two development approaches depends upon factors like budget, development time, and customization needed. If your goal is to rebrand your business, you can go for a white-label application development method, and if your goal is to create a new business app with full customization possibilities, go for custom mobile application development.

Wrapping up

White-label apps might not be suitable for everyone but they possess the power to revolutionize your business to something big. This is because whether your app is built from scratch or you have a white-label app, mobile apps will make your business survive in the market by providing a competitive edge.

Thus, for businesses that are short of funds, white-label mobile app builder is your best friend. These apps are budget-friendly, easy to maintain, offer faster development time, and can be scaled up according to business needs.

So, if you’re looking to develop a white-label application for your business, get in touch with Twinr because you’ll enjoy the expertise, quick development, and easy maintenance in the long run and you can even customize the mobile app to match with your brand.

Start building your app with Twinr today and win the market with innovation.

Gaurav Parvadiya

Gaurav is the founder and CEO of Twinr, a tech entrepreneur with a decade of experience and a passion for SaaS. With a Master's degree in Computer Science, he specializes in no-code development, driving innovation in the mobile app industry. When he's not busy growing the company, you'll find him writing about tech, growth, software development, e-commerce, and occasionally sneaking in a game of badminton.

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