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Wix Mobile App Builder

Effortlessly convert your Wix website into a stunning mobile app with Twinr’s Wix Mobile App Builder. No coding skills are needed! Customize your mobile app's look and functionality to engage users and grow your business. Launch on the App Store and Google Play Store in no time!

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Trusted by Industry we serve

Trusted by Industry we serve

Top Features of Twinr’s Wix Mobile App Builder

Explore features of Twinr's Wix App Builder, the perfect solution to effortlessly convert your Wix website to a mobile app. With intuitive design options and seamless integration, reach your audience wherever they are.

Personalized Push Notifications

With Twinr Native Wix Mobile App Builder, you can send customers timely updates that matter. Deliver personalized notifications on special deals, order status, product availability (back in stock or out of stock), and abandoned shopping carts. Stay connected with your audience in meaningful ways.

Cart Refresh

Twinr Wix App Builder makes buying easy for your customers. Cart refresh makes shopping easier than ever. No more missing items or details—our app handles it all.

Hamburger Menu

Make navigation easier using the hamburger menu with Twinr’s Wix mobile app builder. Your clients can easily navigate different app sections with this user-friendly design element. Your mobile app users will like its clean, efficient layout.

Easily Roll Out App Updates

Adapting to changing client needs is essential. Our Wix Mobile App Builder makes app updates easy. Always keep your app fresh and exciting to give consumers the newest features and upgrades.

Easy third-party integrations

We understand your business utilizes various platforms and tools. That's why Twinr’s Wix Mobile App Builder supports third-party services. Connect to your preferred marketing, and payment processing tools, all within your app, streamlining your business operations.

How to Convert Wix Website into Mobile App

It's now easier than ever to convert Wix website to a mobile app with our Wix Mobile App Builder. Simply follow these steps to transform your website into a fully functional app:

Convert Your Wix Website into a Mobile App With Twinr's Automation Tool

To convert your Wix website to a mobile app, start by entering the necessary information such as the App Name, Website URL, Industry, and Platform. In a matter of minutes, Twinr's Automation Engine will quickly produce a native app that is ready for production, complete with all suggested options.

Convert Wix Website to App Help

Customize Your Wix Mobile App and Configure Add-Ons

Make your app look and feel unique by customizing its layout, theme, and icon with our Wix Mobile App Builder. You can also enhance its features by adding one of the many available extensions. If you need assistance, our team of Twinr experts is here to help you throughout the app-building process.

Convert Wix Website to App Help

Preview and Test Your App on a Real Device

Use the Twinr Preview App on your Android device or check out the in-app preview that runs in your browser for a realistic preview and testing experience. You may observe changes in real time while you adjust your app thanks to this feature that is easy to use.

Convert Wix Website to App Help

Launch Your App on App Store and Play Store

When you complete the process of converting your Wix website to an app, it's time to launch the app after thorough testing. Both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store allow you to publish your app. Our committed Twinr team can handle every step of the publication process if you need help, ensuring that your app launches without a hitch.

Convert Wix Website to App Help

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Twinr’s Wix Mobile App Builder

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No Problem, Hire our highly skilled Twinr expert to build your Wix Mobile App and stay worry-free!

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Frequently Asked Questions Related to

Wix Mobile App Builder

Twinr's Wix Mobile App Builder is a powerful tool that allows you to convert your Wix website into a mobile app quickly and easily, without the need for coding skills.
Twinr's Wix Mobile App Builder works by taking the content and design elements of your Wix website and converting them into a mobile-friendly format. You can customize the layout, theme, and icon of your app to match your brand.
Yes, Twinr's Wix Mobile App Builder allows you to easily convert your existing Wix website into a mobile app, ensuring a seamless transition for your users from desktop to mobile.
The Wix Mobile App Builder provides various features, such as push notification capabilities, customizable mobile app menus, integrated e-commerce functionality, and a smooth mobile experience for your site's visitors.
Yes, once you have created your app with Twinr's Wix Mobile App Builder, you can publish it to both the App Store and Google Play Store, making it accessible to millions of users worldwide.
The Wix Mobile App Builder offers a range of features, including the ability to send push notifications, create a customized mobile app menu, integrate e-commerce functionality, and provide a seamless mobile experience for your website visitors.
The cost of using Twinr's Wix Mobile App Builder depends on the plan you choose. Twinr offers a range of pricing plans to suit different needs and budgets, so you can choose the one that's right for you.
Yes, you can customize the design of your app to match your brand and preferences. Twinr's Wix Mobile App Builder offers a range of customization options, including themes, colors, and fonts.
Twinr offers a range of support options, including documentation, tutorials, and customer support, to help you with app creation and maintenance. You can also access the Twinr community for additional support and guidance.
Yes, Twinr's Wix Mobile App Builder allows you to send push notifications to engage with your users and keep them informed about new content, promotions, and other updates. You can customize the messages and target specific segments of your audience for personalized communication.
Yes, Twinr's Wix Mobile App Builder offers inbuilt analytics tools that allow you to track key metrics such as app downloads, user engagement, and in-app purchases. These insights can help you optimize your app and improve user experience over time.
The Android or iOS apps built from Wix websites can run on a variety of devices like Android and iOS smartphones, and tablets.

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