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The Top 7 Ecommerce Apps Transforming Online Shopping

By Gaurav Parvadiya | Last Updated On May 21st, 2024

Online shopping is a shining example of ecommerce’s rapid evolution. The use of smartphones demonstrates how technology’s effect spreads daily, and mobile phone purchasing is becoming more and more popular. Due to the demand for more time to browse in stores for clothing, accessories, footwear, and even groceries, mobile devices are becoming essential in the retail sector. According to research, roughly one-third of US internet users have preferred mobile shopping in 2021 and will enjoy themselves there each week.

There will likely be $620.97 billion in mobile commerce by 2024. As a result, nearly half (42.9%) of all online purchases will be made via mobile devices.

Convenience is in demand right now; therefore, if small businesses in 2023 want to capture even a small portion of their target market in 2023, business owners must take inspiration from popular ecommerce.

These top ecommerce apps have transformed purchasing by fusing affordability and ease. They have reopened consumer market income channels and resurrected online businesses. Because of its enhanced user experience and customer service, e-commerce has gracefully increased both market and business growth.

Mobile application development and the exponential rise of mobile consumers globally are key drivers of this transformational process. These apps have successfully satiated the digital wants of mobile customers, paving the way for a day when businesses can adapt to the shifting needs of their tech-savvy mobile clients.

This blog aims to highlight the 7 best ecommerce apps in 2023 that have captured large audiences and succeeded despite fierce competition. With these apps, one with less experience in ecommerce business can strategize things to grow in this market. So, let’s dive into the details:

The Rise of Ecommerce Apps

A critical turning point for the field of mobile app development occurred in 2008 with the launch of the App Store and the Android Market (now known as Google Play). This turning point created the conditions for an array of applications to flourish, starting an era of rapid growth.

In the first quarter of 2020, there will be an astounding array of over 4.4 million downloadable apps on the most popular platforms, according to the mobile app ecosystem.

This uptick has contributed to the eCommerce sector’s growth, an area that is experiencing unheard-of expansion in the creation of mobile solutions. The need to fulfil customer desires is the simple driving force behind this upsurge. Consumers today yearn for the freedom to shop whenever, wherever, and even while they’re in motion. Due to this, mobile eCommerce apps have become increasingly popular over websites. Their quickness, ease of use, and adaptability draw people in.

An interesting data from Shopify reveals a startling trend: Black Friday and Cyber Monday in 2019 saw mobile phones and tablets triumph as the preferred shopping channels, raking in an incredible 69% of total sales.

Therefore, the time is now if you’re considering selling products online via ecommerce. The decision to embark on this journey is urgent because the competitive environment is becoming more constructive with each passing second. It’s your turn to take advantage of the opportunity as it comes rushing in with the tide.

Key Elements you should have in your Ecommerce App

Safe and Secure Payments

Incorporating an in-app payment option has become an indispensable feature for online sellers. This ensures users of a safe transaction and streamlines the purchase process, crafting a positive shopping encounter. The secure payment functionality guarantees are swift and secure transactions, with payment gateways extending various choices, including credit card payments, online transfers, and the convenience of wallets such as Amazon Pay, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and PayPal.

Diverse Shipping Choices

Empowering app users with the liberty to choose from an array of shipping options presents a pivotal feature. This facet displays the corresponding charges and estimated delivery times and cultivates an enjoyable journey for users. The freedom to select among various shipping avenues nurtures a sense of control, enhancing the overall shopping experience.

Augmented Reality Marvels

The realm of Augmented Reality (AR) emerges as an ingenious canvas for showcasing products within authentic contexts. By providing customers with a preview of products and a chance to experience services within their personal spaces, this technology becomes a prelude to purchase.

AR enables customers to visualize products through immersive interactions, paving the way for informed decisions.

Leading brands like Sephora and Ikea are already harnessing the power of AR to elevate abandoned cart recovery.

In-depth Product Insights

In pursuing purchasing, users demand more than mere images of a product. Robust and detailed product descriptions become essential. Insights into dimensions, colour variations, weight, warranties, materials, and more enable users to make well-informed decisions.

By providing comprehensive product details, the risk of dissatisfaction, returns, and impulsive purchases is mitigated.

Effortless Product Filtering & Sorting

Online stores brimming with products necessitate intuitive sorting and filtering options. This reduces user search time, allowing them to swiftly locate desired items without sifting through an avalanche of choices allowing you to convert things in the shopping cart to delivery.

These functionalities boost sales and foster a positive user experience that cements brand loyalty.

Rewards, Coupons, Referrals

While not every day mirrors the excitement of Christmas, ecommerce solutions possess the power to kindle joy with rewards and offers. Your creativity takes centre stage here. Use referral coupons, enticing rewards, and flash sales to energize your business or convert referrals into free trials. The digital realm empowers you to design eye-catching posters and advertisements, fueling your journey to new heights.

Instant Notifications via Push

Using push notifications to their full potential revolutionizes face-to-face customer communication. These alerts are beacons for recently released products, specific marketing campaigns, one-day sales, and tempting discounts. Push notifications, a quicker replacement for email marketing, increase consumer engagement and one-on-one interactions with brands.

Customized Product Suggestions

Personalizing product recommendations for users expedite the purchasing process. This feature increases the efficiency of transactions by matching products to user preferences. Utilizing recommendation engines, online stores make customized product recommendations and ultimately increase the chances of customers getting engaged with your app.

Crafting a shopping app that resonates with users requires a symphony of these essential features. As your users navigate your virtual marketplace, their journey should mirror the joy of exploration, the thrill of anticipation, and the satisfaction of secure transactions. Embrace these elements, and watch your app flourish in the ever-expanding realm of online commerce.

Now let’s see how the top 7 Ecommerce Businesses in 2024 have utilized these features and made their names popular.


1994 Jeff Bezos founded Amazon, now among the best ecommerce platforms available. ranks third in India for online traffic and contribution, according to Alexa.

The largest online retailer worldwide, Amazon, receives 197 million visitors each year. It is alluring due to its availability and variety. Customers can select with just a few taps on the slick interface of the mobile app.

The app is trustworthy because of its secure and open payment gateways. The localized design of the app makes it simpler to access discounts, enhancing user convenience. Amazon is undoubtedly a top e-commerce platform that’s easy to use and operate.

Key Attributes of Amazon App:

  • Sleek and Lightweight User Interface.
  • Effortless, Swift, and Secure Payment Process and no transaction fee.
  • Extensive Array of Products.
  • Impeccable Performance with Minimal Glitches or Issues.


Pepperfry is a prominent online emporium boasting an extensive array of furniture and home decor articles. Positioned as the foremost choice for virtual furniture procurement, Pepperfry is rooted in India and is the go-to destination for furniture enthusiasts.

At the core of their innovation lies the mobile app, ingeniously incorporating an Augmented Reality facet that redefines how consumers choose their desired products. This pioneering feature empowers shoppers to seamlessly position life-sized virtual replicas of furniture and decor within the confines of their own homes. By doing so, selecting and procuring products attains a new level of comfort and accuracy, aligning perfectly with the home environment.

Pepperfry’s commitment to customer satisfaction is amplified by its uncomplicated and hassle-free return policy. This reassures buyers, ensuring that purchases can be made without apprehensions.

Key Attributes of Pepperfry App:

  • Augmented Reality Embellishment: The hallmark of the Pepperfry experience, allowing for immersive product exploration.
  • Aesthetic Simplicity: The app’s design exudes a minimalistic charm, enhancing user experience.
  • Store Finder: Seamlessly locate physical outlets for a more tangible shopping encounter.
  • Informative Blogs: Access a treasure trove of blogs offering insightful decor suggestions and ideas.


Introducing eBay – the ultimate mobile companion that has revolutionized global consumer selling. With the eBay mobile app, the world of selling has never been more accessible, enabling users to list items whenever they desire seamlessly. It is considered the best product or service-selling platform for small businesses.

This app streamlines search functionalities for transactions and sales, ensuring an intuitive experience.

Highlighting an array of convenient tools, the app boasts barcode scanning, automated searches, guest checkouts, and a secure PayPal payment gateway. The integration of PayPal simplifies payments for users across the globe, ensuring swift transactions even when dealing with various currencies.

eBay goes the extra mile by keeping users informed about upcoming and ongoing auctions, and that’s why it always ranks top in the list of top 10 ecommerce apps worldwide. This thoughtful ecommerce functionality make sure the platform has no enticing deals that slip through the cracks, allowing users to seize valuable opportunities.

Key ecommerce features of eBay app:

  • Global Trading Made Easy: Break down geographical barriers and engage in trading across the world.
  • Swift Payment Gateway: Seamlessly complete transactions with the assistance of a rapid and secure payment gateway.
  • Smart Auction Search: Discover the finest auctions and save substantially with practical search tools.
  • Timely Discount Alerts: Stay in the loop with timely push notifications about discounts and promotions.


Presenting SHEIN is a fashion phenomenon that started in 2008 with joint efforts of people from New Jersey to sell online. It began as an ecommerce website and gradually grew worldwide, capturing people’s attention. SHEIN is its go-to ecommerce store for a wide selection of stylish Western clothing, beachwear, bikinis, and other women-specific clothing.

SHEIN’s mobile app steals the show with a focus on providing the best online deals and an unmatched trial room experience.

This cutting-edge app also offers a variety of functions, including a slide colour tool and a wide selection of models with varied body types, all intended to make a lasting impression on potential customers. Additionally, SHEIN expands its selection to include men’s and kids’ clothing, delivering incredible savings that serve every family member’s needs.

Key Attributes of Shein App:

  • Uncomplicated iOS App: Enter the world of SHEIN with the help of a simple, lightweight iOS app that allows for ease of use.
  • Streamlined Profile Administration: Enjoy hassle-free operation with convenient profile administration tools.
  • Unparalleled Customer Service and Delivery: With faultless customer service and prompt, dependable deliveries, you may elevate your purchasing experience.
  • Intuitively Designed App Interface: Navigate the SHEIN app easily thanks to its intuitively constructed design, which prioritizes user happiness.


AliExpress – a platform of immense popularity, potentially due to its Alibaba association. It generates diverse reactions and boasts a dedicated user base, primarily from China. The app elicits a varied response in India, with room for improvement in its Android version and attentiveness towards Indian users, as indicated by reviews. Nonetheless, AliExpress offers unmatched affordability for top-notch products, making it addictive among enchanted customers.

Key Attributes of AliExpress App:

  • Global Appeal: Popular worldwide, potentially due to its Alibaba affiliation.
  • Loyal Customer Base: Enjoys a steadfast following, especially from Chinese users.
  • Mixed Response in India: Elicits diverse reactions in the Indian market, indicating potential for enhancements.
  • Competitive Pricing: Renowned for providing unparalleled value, showcasing quality within budget.
  • Addictive Offers: Delights customers with irresistibly enticing deals.
  • Scope for Improvement: The Android app and user-centricity could be refined based on reviews.


Introducing Shopclues – a recent addition to India’s premier ecommerce apps landscape. Unlike its counterparts, Amazon and Flipkart, Shopclues specialize in providing a marketplace that neatly categorizes a wide range of household goods, electronics, apparel, and everyday essentials. Its market reach spans Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities and even smaller locales.

Shopclues stands as a powerful advocate for brands hailing from less structured markets. Boasting a substantial trading network, the platform dedicates itself to empowering small and medium-sized traders in the lesser-explored corners of the country. Notably, one of its most vibrant revenue streams, attracting over 50 million website visitors, revolves around home and kitchen appliances.

Key Attributes of Shopclues App:

  • Nurturing Smaller Cities: Shopclues highlights underserved urban areas, catering to their diverse needs.
  • Effortless Product Sharing: Seamlessly share your favourite finds with a user-friendly sharing feature.
  • Generous Discounts: Revel in substantial savings, particularly within a high-discount realm.
  • Safe Payment Pathway: Prioritize peace of mind with a secure and protected payment process.


Unveiling Nike is a renowned footwear and athletic attire purveyor and a brand that prides itself on delivering an exceptional customer journey. Within the confines of their mobile app, you embark on a journey of shopping for Nike’s finest, immersing yourself in narratives, and garnering training insights and style counsel.

Key Attributes of Nike App:

  • Sleek and User-Friendly Interface: Navigating the Nike app is a breeze, guiding you effortlessly to your desired products.
  • Tailored Recommendations: Experience daily suggestions tailored precisely to your preferences, optimizing your shopping endeavour.
  • Exclusive Rewards and Alerts: Members of the Nike community are treated to a treasure trove of benefits. Expect alerts and exclusive offers, all complemented by the rewards program. Not to mention, relish the luxury of free shipping for your orders.
  • Augmented In-Store Experience: Elevating your in-store interactions, the app empowers you to ascertain inventory availability and reserve items for convenient pickup.
  • Empowering Athleticism: Beyond transactions, the app transforms into a dynamic hub for boosting your athletic journey. Dive into inspiring narratives, unlock training gems, and harness style guidance from the experts and coaches at Nike.

With Nike, the app transcends the role of a mere transactional platform; it evolves into a holistic companion on your journey of sport, style, and self-expression.

Key Strategies for Crafting a Flourishing Ecommerce App

When delving into ecommerce success, a careful analysis of data and customer behaviour reveals that achieving remarkable feats is within reach.

Given below are the tips that will help an ecommerce site or app a great success:

Elevating the Delivery Experience

The pivotal juncture where customer and product converge lies in the delivery process. This interaction profoundly shapes the customer’s perception of your brand. Thus, the execution of delivery becomes a paramount consideration. The dual pillars of a stellar delivery experience comprise swiftness and flawless execution.

Harnessing a multi-carrier shipping platform can enhance delivery speed while weaving personalized notifications and real-time order tracking, borrowed from the post-purchase realm, ensuring impeccable execution.

Nurturing Post-Purchase Bonds

The post-purchase phase stands as a pivotal period in any ecommerce journey. It’s a juncture where buyer’s remorse may arise, or enticing alternatives may beckon. Thus, consistent customer engagement during this span proves indispensable.

Employing enhancements like a branded tracking page with tailored product suggestions fuels deeper customer engagement. This dynamic approach not only drives revenue but also fosters repeat purchases. Infusing personalized communication with tracking provisions curbs inquiries and encourages a relaxed shopping escapade.

Embracing Ingenious Customer Attraction

A well-crafted platform offers seamless delivery mechanisms that remain dormant without the allure of a steady customer influx. Navigating the realms of customer acquisition and retention within the ecommerce landscape necessitates inventive strategies.

Staying ahead in the ever-evolving marketing realm involves embracing emerging paradigms such as influencer marketing, social media engagement, and content-driven campaigns. Concurrently, tried-and-true techniques like flash sales retain their potency in enlisting fresh patrons.

Effortless Omnichannel Synergy

Several eminent entities on the ecommerce horizon have blazed a trail by coalescing brick-and-mortar and online establishments. Converging these domains into an omnichannel entity represents the zenith of brand-building. Upholding the buyer’s journey regardless of platform or sales channel hinges on this holistic approach will help you grow your business.

The ascent of social commerce through platforms like Facebook and the sway of meticulously tailored ads on Instagram underscores the versatility of the shopping landscape.

Harmonizing digital and physical inventory requires transparent, real-time inventory management and innovative delivery options like BOPIS, ROPIS, and BOPAK. Logistics software emerges as a potent tool to smoothen these intricacies.

Unleashing the Potential of Diverse Sales Channels

The heart of ecommerce triumph pulses within the veins of a well-devised sales strategy. A pivotal facet of this strategy lies in discerning the most suitable platforms and marketplaces for your unique offerings. The pursuit of diversification hinges on informed research, for each channel, levies its own seller’s fee.

Guided by comprehensive analysis, embark on diversification to amplify profitability. Focus your efforts on channels poised for swift returns while patiently nurturing growth in other domains that rely on factors like SEO and site ranking.

In the dynamic sphere of ecommerce, these strategies intertwine to orchestrate a symphony of success, elevating your app into a beacon of customer satisfaction and lasting accomplishment.

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1. How to start an ecommerce business?

You need a unique idea, an ecommerce website or app built on Shopify or a no-code app builder, and a list of products you need to list. This will kickstart your ecommerce business.

Once you build an online presence, you need a marketing team to help you stand out.

2. How to get an ecommerce app developed?

There are a lot of options & alternatives available that you can choose from:

  • Custom mobile app development
  • No-code website to app builder
  • Web apps
  • Square online
  • Drupal, Joomla, Squarespace, Wix, etc

3. How do push notifications help you engage users?

Push notifications are an advanced way to send messages to your customers, notify them about offers and deal with catchy announcements.

4. How much does it cost to get an ecommerce app developed?

The cost of getting an ecommerce app developed depends upon various factors;

  1. What features do you want in the app
  2. Platform used
  3. Type of security needed
  4. UI/UX design of an app
  5. Method of getting the app developed (freelancing, ecommerce website builders, full-time hired team, or hiring an agency)
  6. The complexity of the app
  7. Currency of the country, etc

On average, getting an app developed costs around $5,000 – $40,000

Gaurav Parvadiya

Gaurav is the founder and CEO of Twinr, a tech entrepreneur with a decade of experience and a passion for SaaS. With a Master's degree in Computer Science, he specializes in no-code development, driving innovation in the mobile app industry. When he's not busy growing the company, you'll find him writing about tech, growth, software development, e-commerce, and occasionally sneaking in a game of badminton.

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