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12 Tips to Get Your App Featured on Apple’s App Store

By Gaurav Parvadiya | Last Updated On May 14th, 2024

All app developers aspire to get recognized in the Apple App Store. It’s a huge win. Seriously. A feature that lets apps develop quickly in the App Store is worth a lifetime of bragging rights.

Apple is a significant player in the mobile market. We can all agree on this. They have dominated the US market, with over half of all Americans owning some version of an iPhone. Apple will ship more than 232 million iPhones worldwide in 2023. This shows that businesses with a good app idea should consider the app store when publishing their app.

By releasing an app on the App Store and localizing it for all available countries, you can reach 15% of all smartphone users. That’s a significant portion of the pie.

So, being featured is a significant deal.

Let’s explore some of the proven tips for apps featured on the App Store and Google Play Store:

Why Does Getting Featured on the App Store Matter?

There are many reasons why app developers and businesses value app store featuring. The App Store gives apps unmatched access to millions of potential customers worldwide. Exposure boosts app downloads and engagement, enhancing its trustworthiness.

The App Store’s endorsement also shows customers that the app is high-quality and has useful features. Instilling trust and confidence in existing users and attracting new ones with this recommendation increases retention and user loyalty.

In addition, App Store features can boost app income. Sales and in-app purchases increase for featured apps, boosting developer income.

In the competitive app industry, app developers want to be featured on the App Store since it boosts visibility, reputation, user trust, and revenue.

Tips to Feature Your App on Apple’s App Store

Mobile applications featured in app store will increase downloads, engagement, and visibility. Thus, the job of ASO experts continues beyond developing an app, making it visible, and ensuring it reaches the right audience is also included. Given below are some tips that ensure featuring the app on the Apple app store:

2 why does getting featured on the app store matter

  • Develop an Outstanding App 

Creating an app that stands out from the 1,000 entries Apple receives daily is essential to getting their attention. Instead of trying to fit in a lot of features, concentrate on being the best at one thing. Apple prefers apps specializing over those trying to be all things to everyone. Determine your app’s main advantage over rivals and ensure it works better in that area. Your app’s chances of being seen and featured on the fiercely competitive App Store marketplace rise when you put quality before quantity.

  • Tell Apple about your app

Getting Apple to know about your app is vital to getting it on the App Store. Apple’s curation team may not see your app and not feature it without proactive communication. Developers should start by completing Apple’s App Promotion Form at appstore.com/promote.

Using this method for major upgrades has helped many developers, including me, get into Apple’s Essential Apps for Developers. While app quality is important, Apple must be informed of its presence to be considered for these listings.

This strategy has helped millions of user apps like WeTransfer. Filling out the promotion form has helped us get features for reasons other than scale, such as app extensions, despite Apple’s awareness of our app’s popularity.

Keep copies of your answers to queries like ‘Tell us about your development team’ to simplify frequent submissions. If the recipient is still getting familiar with your app or Apple’s technologies, describe its features in depth. This clarity ensures that your app is appropriately evaluated and featured regardless of category.

Thus, proactive communication with Apple via the App Promotion Form is essential to feature an app.

  • Adopt Apple’s Editorial Perspective

Regular visitors to the App Store will notice that Apple attempts to align its highlighted lists with important occasions like World Accessibility Day and Black Friday. Apple also pays attention to major athletic events, such as the FIFA World Cup, which presents the potential for relevant apps to be included. 

Apple schedules its curation operations six to eight weeks in advance, so if you want your app to be evaluated, you must submit it early. 

  • Optimize your App Store Presence

Creating visually appealing and well-curated App Store pages boosts your app’s visibility. According to Apple’s editorial standards, ask yourself, would you rather feature an app with one screenshot and support for one language than a comprehensive app with 10 localized screenshots for several countries?

Optimize and design your app screenshots in such a way that it aligns with app store requirements while also showcase your app effectively.

Apple favours apps with the latest App Store features and aesthetic appeal. Adding Promoted In-App Purchases, in-app events, and App Previews boosts your app’s feature chances.

Analysts must be thorough, especially with App Previews. Monitoring data is essential to optimize App Store conversion rates, as they can significantly affect them. You may boost your app’s exposure and appeal to Apple’s editorial staff by deliberately installing and monitoring these features.

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  • Encourage User Ratings

It gets more challenging for your app to become a feature if it needs more ratings. On the other hand, if Apple notices a significant number of 4-star or above ratings, it is more likely to value your app. Positive reviews imply your app is highly valuable to prospective customers and indicates user pleasure.

  • Boost Localization for Your App

Apple values apps that support users’ native languages more highly. Your app’s chances of being featured in countries like France or Spain decrease if it is only available in English.

On the other hand, localization can be done in stages. Start with localizing your App Store pages—a significant step forward in and of itself. Next, before you localize the app, think about localizing your screenshots from the App Store. Sort the steps into priority order according to your resources and timeline, making sure that the order makes sense for you.

  • Minimize App Crashes

High crash rates significantly damage your app’s prospects of being highlighted. Crashes result in user discontent and negative reviews and contribute to poorer user retention rates. Addressing top crash issues is vital for sustaining development and showcasing your app’s quality to both Apple and your users.

  • Embrace Innovation and Latest Features

While incorporating every new feature introduced during events like WWDC may not be practicable, selecting supporting some features might be useful. Particularly after major OS upgrades, including new features, your app might be featured in curated lists such as “Apps with Live Activities” or “Explore Great New Widgets.

  • Think about monetization

Remembering that Apple is answerable to its stockholders is crucial. That means the more money your app brings in for Apple, the more attention it will get. Study and do some extra research for app monetization and choose the right monetization strategy.

3 think about monetization

Apple gets little revenue from an app that needs a clear monetization plan. Show Apple that your app has a clear and consistent monetization plan if you want to increase your chances of featuring it in the App Store.

  • App Store Guidelines must be followed

When it comes to ensuring that their inventions are up to Apple’s standards and best practices, app developers must first and foremost adhere to the App Store Guidelines. When developers adhere to these criteria, they maintain a favourable relationship with Apple and boost the possibility that their applications will be accepted and featured in the App Store. 

Apps that violate these criteria risk being rejected or removed from the platform, which reduces their visibility and the likelihood that they will be successful.

  • Prioritize Accessibility Features

For app developers to ensure that their products are accessible and usable for all users, they must prioritize accessibility features. Developers can broaden the scope of their app’s audience by incorporating features designed to accommodate people with impairments with their app. 

Not only does this comply with ethical issues, but it also improves the app’s reputation and appeal to users. In addition to demonstrating a dedication to inclusiveness, giving accessibility features a higher priority increases the likelihood that an app will be approved and featured on platforms such as the App Store.

  • Make your app unique

Make your app stand out. It may only be feasible for some apps, but you must consider your app holistically. Making your Mail app stand out from the crowd will require much work if you build one. Ask yourself the given questions to make your app more powerful:

  • How can your Mail app stand out from the competition? 
  • What characteristics lack your rivals?
  • What problem does your app solve?
  • Is it easy to use and navigate?
  • How does it help users, etc?

Apple’s editorial team is likely to choose unique apps, establish a new genre, or adopt a novel approach to a well-known subject.

The End Note

In conclusion, securing a feature spot on Apple’s App Store is a coveted achievement that can unlock unparalleled growth opportunities for developers. By adhering to key strategies such as building exceptional apps, prioritizing accessibility, adhering to App Store guidelines, and focusing on monetization, developers can significantly enhance their chances of being featured. Emphasizing uniqueness, minimizing crashes, and embracing the latest features are crucial in catching Apple’s attention.

Implementing these tips increases the likelihood of being featured and boosts the overall success and visibility of apps on the platform. For developers seeking additional support in the app development process and achieving App Store success, tools like Twinr can prove invaluable. 

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Gaurav Parvadiya

Gaurav is the founder and CEO of Twinr, a tech entrepreneur with a decade of experience and a passion for SaaS. With a Master's degree in Computer Science, he specializes in no-code development, driving innovation in the mobile app industry. When he's not busy growing the company, you'll find him writing about tech, growth, software development, e-commerce, and occasionally sneaking in a game of badminton.

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