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February 15, 2024

Top 8 Benefits of Creating a Mobile App For Your Business


Today, there are over 3.8 billion smartphone users across the globe. That’s almost half the population of our planet and this number is only going to increase in the upcoming years. Smartphones have certainly become an integral part of our lives. Through apps and the internet, they keep us connected to the rest of the world – even when we’re at a remote location away from our personal computers.

Nearly 90% of mobile internet time is spent in apps.

If you’re a business owner, a mobile app is the best means to stay connected with your users. Your competitors are already harnessing the power of mobile apps to engage with their users. Here are top 8 advantages of creating a mobile app for your business:

Top 8 Benefits of Creating a Mobile App

Following are the reasons why mobile app is better than website:

1. Understand Your Users

Don’t find customers for your products, find products for your customers.

– Seth Godin

A mobile app allows you to understand your users better than anything else. When users are on their smartphones, you can learn about their likes, dislikes, shopping patterns and much more. Once you understand your ideal users and their behaviour, you can create highly targeted marketing campaigns that will yield maximum results. Knowing your users will help you create products and services tailored to their needs. That’s not all, it also allows you to deliver a personalized user experience. Ultimately, this means more business and happier customers.

2. Remain Accessible 24×7

21% of millennials say they open their apps more than 50 times per day. In fact, 84% of baby boomers open apps 1-20 times a day. This means users are more likely to interact with you via apps as compared to a website.

Not only mobile apps are easily accessible, they are easy to work with and offer a seamless experience. Your users will be able to interact with your app even from remote locations where carrying a personal computer isn’t always feasible. While most apps require an internet connection, there are apps which can work even when offline. Thus, with apps, you can travel with your users wherever they go.

3. Mobile Apps are More Reliable

57% of online consumers will abandon a site if they have to wait three seconds for a page to load. What’s scarier is that 80% of those consumers will never return! Slow loading websites cost retailers more than $2 billion in lost sales each year. That’s a staggering number! Websites can only go so far in delivering better performance.

On the contrary mobile apps can load faster and offer consistent user experience all round. What’s more, in some cases, apps can also be accessed offline. Thus, they are more reliable than websites.

4. Boost Trust & Customer Loyalty

Customers are more likely to trust a business which has a mobile app on its name. You can increase customer loyalty by offering exclusive app-only perks and offers to your customers. This will not only increase their time spent on the app but also contribute positively to your overall revenues.

Companies like Amazon and eBay are successfully harnessing their apps to attract more users and retain them on a longer run through strategic loyalty programs.

5. Maximize Conversions

A popular research by Criteo reveals that people view 4.2x more products per session within apps, compared to mobile sites. That’s not all. Apps can increase the conversion rates by 3x compared to mobile sites.

Mobile apps are far better than a website. Let’s face it. Filling out login credentials every now and then is something we all hate. On an average, we visit about 138 web pages. Having said that, it’s easy to forget the password or email of your account associated with a particular website. And resetting the password only makes things worse. On the other hand, with mobile apps, you have to sign in only once after which you can use it as long as you want. Thus, if you want your users to return to you frequently – mobile app is the best means to it.

6. Boost Customer Engagement

With mobile apps, you can send dynamic push notifications to bring your customers back to the app. According to a popular research by Localytics, customized push notifications have a positive impact on engagement, open-rate, and conversion rate.

Another research by Blueshift reveals that mobile push notifications that are sent based on a user’s behavior — drive 2,770% higher conversion rates as compared to batch notifications. That’s because users are more likely to act upon personalized offers, updates, and information.

7. Deliver Immersive UX

By harnessing all the in-built features of a smartphone, you can deliver an immersive user experience through a mobile app. You can use everything from camera to GPS, and bluetooth. These features can significantly improve your user’s experience.

For instance, if you’re creating an eCommerce app; you can harness the AR and VR features of a smartphone to allow your customers to virtually try a product before purchasing it. You can also use a fingerprint sensor to allow customers to quickly login to their accounts. That’s not all. There are so many other features (like NFC, accelerometer, gyro meter, compass etc.) that can be used for a hundred different purposes. Possibilities are endless. It’s up to you how far you can go.

8. Minimize Costs & Maximize Productivity

You didn’t see that coming. Did you? As surprising it may sound, apps have been reported to increase productivity between 34% and 40%. That’s not all, it can also save you thousands of dollars in marketing budget. That’s because mobile app advertising is comparatively cheaper compared to online advertising.

Additionally, you can also earn through in-app purchases and by introducing ads to your mobile app. They don’t have to be of any other company, services, or brand. You can add adverts of your own products, new launches, or just updates about your promotions.

Final Words

Mobile apps can certainly add significant value to your business. They will not only bring in more revenue, but also attract more customers and enhance the UX. With the number of smartphone users increasing every day, it is safe to say that investing in mobile app development will yield great ROI.

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