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25 App Categories That Are Revolutionizing 2024

By Gaurav Parvadiya | Last Updated On April 24th, 2024

The world is evolving. Some short-term and some long-term changes have been made to the way firms operate due to recent global events.

It is your responsibility as an owner or entrepreneur to identify these trends and make the necessary adjustments.

More attention is being paid to developing mobile apps using the newest technological advancements. True, and with good reason—apps, regardless of operating system—are a crucial component of the entire smartphone ecosystem. It’s these apps that really add to the joy and engagement of using a smartphone.

Some of you may run businesses in application categories where apps were previously optional. However, users increasingly anticipate seeing apps in that app category list due to events outside their control.

Some entrepreneurs may be searching for a competitive advantage in a new market or line of business, and some app categories lists are superior to others.

Based on current and upcoming trends, we have prepared this guide to demonstrate the kinds of apps that generate revenue in 2024. By developing a new app in a well-liked sector, you can use this strategy to create mobile app ideas and grow your company. Now, let’s get started.

25 Popular Categories for Mobile Apps

Mobile apps cover many different topics that people are interested in. There are 25 main categories, like social networking, entertainment, and productivity. These categories help us understand what people like to use on their phones. Let’s take a closer look at these categories to see what’s popular in the world of mobile apps.

Game Apps

Without question, the most downloaded app categories across all major platforms are games. The immersive experience that video games offer their players is what makes them so fascinating.

Statistics show that 12.68% of all apps on Apple’s App Store are in the gaming apps category. 


Action games are among the most played game genres. Gaming apps also utilize numerous hardware resources on the device. Therefore, for the best gaming experience, make sure that these kinds of mobile games are housed on a respectable phone device.

Thus, out of all the mobile app categories, gaming is the most excellent choice if you’re intending to design an app. Additionally, you can explore the Apple App Store categories list to gain insights into other popular app categories and their respective market shares. For those interested in publishing iOS apps, understanding the dynamics and preferences within these categories can significantly enhance your app’s visibility and success.

Some Examples of gaming apps:

  • PUBG Mobile
  • Clash of Clans
  • Call of Duty Mobile
  • Pokemon Go

Business Apps

The second most downloaded category of mobile apps is business apps.

Offering tools to support users in managing and sustaining daily operations and business operations is the overarching goal of business applications. In the App Store, mobile business apps make up around 10.11% of the total.

Now, depending on the use case, these apps also come in a variety of forms. Benefits and solutions, including online billing, teamwork and communication, hiring, employment, and networking, are offered by the business apps. If you’ve decided to create an app and make money, this would be the ideal category. You can utilize a business app maker to streamline the development process and efficiently create your app.

You can also explore the Apple app store categories list to gain insights into other popular mobile application categories and their respective market shares.

Educational Apps

2 educational apps

After the COVID-19 scandal, when education in particular was confined to digital media, self-education or educational apps were crucial in ensuring a continuous flow of knowledge sharing.

An educational app’s primary purpose is to enable virtual classrooms and offer tools that will allow users to pick up new skills.

Offering teachers a more effective and comprehensive method of organizing, structuring, and distributing the material to the pupils is another benefit of educational apps.

Lifestyle Apps

Numerous facets of lifestyle are covered and catered to by this category of smartphone apps.

Because various people lead varied lifestyles, the apps in this category cater to a wide range of personality types.

When you wake up in the morning, do you look forward to your daily horoscope, or do you usually use fitness apps to evaluate the quality of your sleep before heading out for your morning exercise and counting calories? Everybody may find a lifestyle app that fits them, regardless of the category they belong to.

These lifestyle apps cover a wide range of topics in our lives, including different types of app.

Utility Apps or Tools

Everybody has at least one utility app open on their phone every day. You might use these apps sparingly. And sometimes, because they work behind the scenes to simplify our lives, you aren’t even aware that you are utilizing them.

Some individuals use speed testing apps so they can monitor their internet speeds. Others prefer to utilize a VPN to get over the county’s restrictions. The list is endless, and the abundance of valuable apps never stops making our tasks more manageable.

Entertainment Apps

3 entertainment apps

Do you want to browse tens of thousands of 15-second clips or watch a series?

Want to participate in global conversations that are both important and enjoyable?

Alternatively, if you’re feeling particularly creative, entertainment apps are a great place to start. These days, people adore using entertainment apps to pass their time.

Entertainment applications have captured the interest of most people globally, whether they are used for series viewing, video browsing, or anything else enjoyable. The ideal category to create your app in if you’ve decided to make one is entertainment, encompassing different types of app.

Clothing Apps

With the use of shopping apps, customers can easily locate and purchase the greatest things available online from across the world. Moreover; it is really convenient because you can save a ton of time and effort by choosing a product, paying for it, and having it delivered right to your home. E-commerce apps for online shopping have revolutionized the way people shop, offering a wide range of products and services at their fingertips.

Additionally; the app’s social sharing features let users show off their stylish discoveries and get ideas from other users, creating a lively and active community. Clothes apps transform the way people shop for clothing by putting fashion at their fingertips, whether they are looking for statement pieces or everyday staples. Online clothing app maker tools further enhance this experience by enabling businesses to create and customize their own clothing apps, catering to the specific needs and preferences of their customers.

Travel Apps

4 travel apps

Travel Apps target a specific demographic of avid travellers.

These apps are primarily designed to help users with reservations, lodging searches, restaurant recommendations while visiting a new location, taxi services, and other travel-related tasks. 

See the step-by-step guide to creating a travel app if you have an excellent concept for a travel or transportation app that will help people all over the world. What are you waiting for, then? Turn it into a fluid application, and join the ranks of new popular apps.

Grocery Apps

9 grocery apps

Online grocery ordering was a specialized market a few years ago. However, this is no longer the case.

Customers have swiftly adjusted as major retailers like Amazon, Walmart, and Target have begun to provide grocery delivery and pick-up services.

These days, every grocery store owner ought to be creating a mobile application. Ranging from big-box retailers to independent local businesses, niche shops, and all points in between. Just have a look at how popular online grocery shopping has become in the US, according to a recent Business Insider report.

Businesses have a significant edge in this market because of mobile apps.

First of all, it’s not very pleasant to make customers open a laptop or desktop when someone delivers or picks up groceries; everyone prefers to use their phones. It can be done with more than just mobile websites. They can aggravate customers and could be more user-friendly than apps.

However, the feature that allows consumers to store information in the app is the most significant benefit for grocery retailers. Higher conversion rates are made possible by thus streamlining the checkout procedure. Join the ranks of new popular apps in the grocery delivery space by developing your mobile application today.

Restaurant Apps

Over the past year or so, the food and beverage industry has encountered several serious problems. Consumer behavior, government regulations, and lockdowns have influenced the majority of this. However, the eateries that have adjusted will live on and prosper in the future.

Just glance at the revenue from US food delivery apps over the last six years.

Revenue increased from a meager $100 billion in 2023 to $108 billion in 2024. The graph shows that these figures were on the rise well before a pandemic shook the world.

image4 2

However, there is more to food delivery than just well-known companies like GrubHub and UberEats. A staggering 67% of Americans prefer to place their meal orders straight from a restaurant’s website or mobile app, according to Statista.

Nationwide restaurant proprietors should rejoice over this news. Because you won’t be responsible for paying for any third-party service costs, you can use a restaurant app maker and utilize all the features needed to build a restaurant app.

Health and Fitness Apps

5 health and fitness apps

One of the industries with the quickest rate of growth this decade is health and fitness. People are motivated to be fit and are growing more aware of their health.

This explains why there are so many fantastic apps in this area. These apps assist you in staying on top of your fitness objectives.

One of the reasons behind this proliferation is the accessibility of fitness app builders. These platforms allow individuals and businesses to create customized fitness apps tailored to specific needs and preferences. Whether you’re a beginner looking for simple workout plans or an advanced athlete tracking intricate metrics, there’s a fitness app out there for you.

These apps also offer simple workout plans tailored to each user’s unique requirements. You can find an app in this area that will help you keep your record, regardless of your food or activity habits. Additionally, some apps facilitate meditation and mental relaxation; to be honest, the pandemic brought attention to this necessity.

Productivity Apps

Business apps are more closely related to the productivity applications category. All these apps can do is make a person’s everyday productivity higher and more functional on a personal level.

A big boon to the work-from-home wave!

Now, productivity varies from person to person and depends on your lifestyle choices. The primary objective of these mobile applications is to enhance productivity by offering an improved method of storing and retrieving data.

Dating Apps

An online dating app has been used by 30% of US people. For those between the ages of 18 and 29, this number rises to 48%, while for those between the ages of 30 and 49, it drops to 38%.

ft 2020.02.06 datingtakeaways 01

Over the past few years, the stigma attached to dating applications has also evolved. A lot of people are using these platforms, and they seem to be helping them locate devoted partners. If you’re considering the opportunity to build a dating app, these statistics suggest a significant market and a changing perception that could work in your favor.

Look at the graph, which is based on research from Stanford. The information reveals how American couples have met over the past 60 years.

As you can see, only one of these trend lines—online dating—has an exponential growth trajectory and a noticeable upward tendency. 

image6 2

In the US, there are 57.44 million active online daters, according to Statista. The annual revenue for this mobile application category is $602 million.  

E-commerce Apps


The presence of e-commerce applications on our list is not surprising. For the past few years, this category has been expanding rapidly and shows no indications of slowing down.

An app has far more benefits for customers and businesses than online purchasing through a desktop browser or mobile website.

Apps are superior in every area, including personalization, speed, ease of use, offline accessibility, customer service, user experience, engagement, and checkout optimization.

A mobile app is now an essential element for everyone having an online store.

Leveraging an online e-commerce mobile app builder to build such apps can be a strategic advantage for businesses looking to capitalize on these benefits.

Anyone can easily construct an e-commerce site with the help of e-commerce platforms like Shopify, even if you’re a small business looking to expand your online presence. Additionally, they can leverage the Shopify app builder to create a mobile app from their website without the need for any coding.

Food Delivery Apps

This category of mobile apps, as its name implies, assists users in managing and placing online orders for food and drink.

We ordered food online using these applications, and we either picked it up in person or had it delivered. Keeping social distance was greatly aided by this specific category throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Additionally, there is a growing market for food and drink applications, so if you’ve decided to build delivery app for profit, this is a highly sought-after niche.

Finance Apps

6 finance apps

Finance apps are in high demand. The fintech market has been growing overall over the past few years.

User adoption and usage of mobile banking, mobile payment, asset management, and personal finance applications are all on the rise.

In the past month, 73% of smartphone users have managed their finances using a mobile app, according to Google. Year-over-year growth in searches for mobile apps related to investing and stock trading is 115%.

Finance apps witnessed a 90% rise in install market share globally in 2020.

The concept of using an app to manage spending, pay bills, save money for major purchases, trade stocks, and other tasks is appealing to many. The typical person can feel more in charge of their finances thanks to these apps, and this trend will likely continue for some time to come.

Finance apps and their subcategories are widely used across all operating systems, from iOS apps on the Apple App Store to Android apps on the Google Play store.  

Book Apps

Apps in this category are an absolute treasure for bookworms. Book apps support the global trend towards sustainable living by providing digital knowledge.

Providing a digital copy of books that you may read on the fly or consult without possessing a paperback is the primary goal of these kinds of mobile apps.

This type of application also achieves the goal of compiling millions of book reviews so that readers may choose what to read next. 

Pet Apps

Beyond productivity, entertainment, and social networking apps, you can locate a unique target market that is eager to spend money. Pets are a huge obsession among Americans. They are becoming increasingly infatuated with animals as a result of this preoccupation. 

Higher consciousness exists regarding pet health and high-quality food. Slowly but surely, the days of dogs and cats gobbling down cheap, bulk food from the closet are coming to an end. 

Even gifts are given to pets. Indeed, 51% of Millennials purchase gifts for their pets at least once a month, accounting for 92% of all pet purchases. Additionally, one of the e-commerce app categories with the highest growth is pet apparel. For instance, in only a single year, sales of pet hoodies increased by 622%. 

Numerous pet-related services, such as dog walking, pet food delivery, pet grooming, pet insurance, and more, can generate income with pet apps. 

Social Networking Apps

7 social networking apps

Are these apps really deserving of an explanation?

Social media has captivated our generation, and for good reason. The realm of social media is its own. Almost everyone uses social media to stay in touch with friends, family, and colleagues in the workplace.

Having a platform where you can meet new people and interact with like-minded people to exchange ideas or have pertinent conversations is the primary goal. If you’re also curious about how to make a social media app that makes money, get in touch with our specialists, and they’ll instantly validate your app idea.

Music Apps

Everybody who has a smartphone enjoys occasionally putting in their headphones, unplugging, and listening to music.

You may listen to songs even while you’re not online by downloading them offline using a number of music apps.

In addition to music, there are a ton of unique and educational podcasts available these days that let you learn priceless lessons from motivational people while on the go.

Sports Apps

Once more, this is intended for a specific demographic: ardent sports fans.

These web and mobile apps offer information on sports and sporting events.

Certain apps in this category are also intended to record specific sports, such as advanced stopwatches for competitions.

Photo and Video Apps

The primary function of picture and video apps is to edit images and movies. With improved device memory, robust hardware, and technological advancements, mobiles can now edit videos as well. And to help with it, there are some fantastic tools and apps.

Users can professionally edit photographs and videos and add filters by using these smartphone and web apps.

The level of improvement that some of these apps have seen over time is rather remarkable. Users can edit photographs and videos without a high-end computer once this milestone is reached. 

Medical Apps

In this category, there’s a significant need for mobile apps with lots of different use cases. 

Doctors and medical professionals can use apps for check-ins, appointment reminders, appointment scheduling, and more. Apps work effectively for surveys conducted after appointments. 

Health education is one aspect of this area that is gaining popularity. The internet is rife with false information about various diseases, immunizations, etc. Thus, in order to give patients relevant and reliable information, medical practitioners are utilizing smartphone applications.

You can, for instance, make a list of symptoms for different diseases. Additionally, you can give patients helpful materials on what to do in case they experience particular symptoms. Apps can also be a source of medical data, including addresses, phone numbers, and even doctors’ biographies. 

90% of US adults use one or more digital health tools, per recent research. According to Statista, the market for mobile health will grow to $189 billion by 2025. But that’s not all. 93% of physicians firmly think that mobile health apps can enhance patient health.

Kids Apps

8 kids apps

The goal of this app category is to offer entertaining and exciting activities to children ages 3 to 10.

Generally speaking, the chores and activities on the applications help kids learn colors, numbers, alphabets, and poetry quickly and entertainingly. Now is the ideal moment for entrepreneurs to enter the industry and make millions of dollars if they want to create mobile apps for children.

News Apps

News apps continue to hold a prominent position among the most popular mobile app categories in 2024, making their products indispensable for people who want to be informed with the latest news instantly.

Anytime, anywhere, users can keep informed about local, national, and worldwide news with these applications’ diverse variety of features, which include real-time updates, tailored content curation, multimedia integration, offline reading capabilities, and push alerts.

Additionally, you can use an online news app maker to create your own news app, enabling you to deliver news to your audience in a unique and engaging way.

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As you can see, these categories weren’t randomly chosen. They’re all predicated on current data and patterns. The most prosperous businesspeople and entrepreneurs differ from the rest in that they recognize these opportunities and adjust their strategies accordingly.

Twinr can help with developing web, hybrid, or native mobile apps. We are an experienced no-code app development company that works with you to build native and hybrid apps for the iOS and Android operating systems.

We adhere to a strict app development methodology, ensuring high-quality outcomes across different kinds of apps.

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