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March 27, 2024

Why Does Your Mobile App Need Push Notification User Segmentation?

Nowadays, companies carry higher standards in delivering relevant content to users, with increased mobile usage and access to customer data collected through marketing tools.

Most companies use push notification user segmentation to send personalized messages to their customers. By sending these personalized messages, they get to know more about their customer’s needs and preferences. 

Push notifications act like reminders for users. Businesses can remind users to check new updates, promotional content, discounts, deals, and much more. When users are not active on your app, you can remind them to open the app by sending some personalized deal notifications. 

This blog will cover the possibilities of push notifications and why it’s essential to focus on user segmentations:

Why do Users Prefer Personalized Push Notifications?

2 why do users prefer personalized push notifications

Personalized Push notifications are a most powerful marketing strategy that can be used to send personalized messages & alerts to your customer at the most relevant times. Users naturally pay more attention when Android segment push notifications are relevant. Its a proven way to re-engage users. 

Push notifications demonstrate that you understand your customer’s needs. If you are still not using push notifications, you should prioritize sending notifications. These notifications can be related to a user’s buying stage, their specific behaviors, their known stage, and their personal information. 

If businesses send push notifications to customers, they can quickly find what they are looking for without going through irrelevant content. Push notifications include exclusive discounts and promotions, providing users with deals and savings that they might have yet to discover. 

What is User Segmentation?

Through user segmentation, users can be separated into segments or groups based on shared characteristics. It involves breaking your users into smaller groups based on common qualities or characteristics in order to target audience with more engaging and personalized messages.

User segmentation has many purposes across the customer lifecycle. It starts with engaging dormant users, sending them cross-selling content, targeting users to leave reviews, etc. 

You can segment your audience into small audiences with user segmentation, which is based on all types of data, including location, in-app behavior, language, cross-channel data, etc. 

Segments are used for a variety of purposes across the customer lifecycle, which can be drawn broadly or narrowly. 

Let’s discuss some of the benefits of audience segmentation:

  • Competitive Enhancement

The more revenue you want to receive directly depends on how better your customer retention is. It acquires a tough edge over opponent companies when a business scores a good customer segmentation and better utilization of its showcasing financial plans. 

  • More Customer Retention

Customer retention allows you to gain proficiency with an extraordinary arrangement about your clients so that you can take into account their necessities more proficiently. You can win satisfied clients through a one-on-one association with your clients.

  • Establishment of Brand Identity

Through differentiation of your image, you can assist your clients with straightforwardly captivating your items. You can mark your products properly by differentiating your vital helpers for your client. For example, user requirements and plans. You can also make them very much aware of your image by dividing your clients.

  • Channel Distribution Improvement

Customer segmentation can help clients by differentiating where to shop and when they can shape items. For example, what sort of items are sold in a particular outlet? Channel distribution can eliminate disarray among your colleagues about whom they want to give the item to and at what time.

  • Increase in Brand Awareness

Customization of marketing for your clients provides a superior connection between the clients and the business. This can improve a client’s devotion. If you want to go far for your image value, it can be done by recognizing your client beyond another individual from your email data.

Why Does Your Mobile App Require User Segmentation?

For any mobile app messaging approach, segmentation is crucial. It allows you to recognize your content better and sharpen your content according to your customer’s needs. They give users more reasons to come back to your app and also help you increase the relevance of your messages. 

Consumers are showing increased expectations for personalized app experiences, as revealed by Industry trends. One study reveals that segmented and personalized push notifications can lead up to an 800 percent lift in open rates.

According to a Researchscape survey, the biggest advantages of segmentation include gains in customer experience, engagement, and conversion rates.


Let’s discuss the push notification segmentation benefits in detail:

  • Market Targeting

User segmentation lets marketers design campaigns for specific user groups. Marketing budgets and resources can be optimized by targeting segments that are more likely to be interested in brand app offerings. This boosts campaign efficacy and ROI.

  • App speed optimization

Segmentation is a proven way to understand how various app users interact. You found that a particular group of people in a specific place is having trouble loading. Knowing about this issue lets marketers optimize code, alter layout, and increase app performance. The right mobile app design services can boost app performance. User segmentation improved app conversion and ROI.

  • Better user acquisition

It helps find the best user categories for acquisition. By identifying high-value groups’ traits and habits, marketers may optimize user acquisition efforts to attract app users who are more likely to interact and produce money. Customers acquire cost (CAC) more efficiently.

  • Enhancing User Retention 

Segmentation is essential for successful user retention techniques. A brand app can target users with customized campaigns, personalized offers, or tailored notifications by identifying segments at risk of churn or high retention potential. This lowers turnover, boosts user loyalty and can improve conversion rate.

  • Better app development

With user segmentation, brands may learn consumer preferences and want. Analysis of segment behaviors and feedback helps identify product improvements, prioritize feature development, and match the roadmap with user segment needs. User happiness increases when product development becomes more user-centric.

  • Improved Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

Increasing mobile app user lifetime value is possible. Brands may upsell, cross-sell, and encourage repeat purchases by analyzing segment behaviors. This maximizes user lifetime revenue and CLV.

  • A Data-Driven Decision

Data analysis and insights segment users. Data-driven thinking helps brands choose marketing campaigns, product features, and user engagement techniques. This lowers guesswork and allows evidence-based decision-making, improving marketing efficiency. When you segment your audience for push notifications, you can strategize plan for the target and re-engagement for the audience taking data into consideration.

Firebase Segmentation with Twinr

3 firebase segmentation with twinr

Firebase Analytics provides you with a way to know the analytics of the apps. To enhance your app’s success, it allows you to make informed decisions. 

Firebase Analytics works as a tool that informs you about your app’s performance. It offers comprehensive insights into the interaction patterns of iOS and Android users with the application. 

Some of the benefits of using Firebase push notification user segmentation are accurate time analytics, user segmentation, event tracking, crash reporting, and many more. 

Twinr is a no-code platform that helps you build apps by removing all the technicalities in the process. It is a superfast and easy app that turns your concepts into reality. The Firebase segmentation of Twinr allows users to schedule push notifications, create actionable notifications, and check analytics to make informed decisions. Twinr’s Firebase segmentation works for both Android and iOS. 

With Twinr’s Firebase segmentation, you can see how users use your app, where they come from, and what groups they belong to based on things like age or what phone they use. It lets you track specific actions in the app, like button clicks, and see if people are doing important things, like buying something. 

With all this data, you can plan to create a push notification strategies to make a huge impact. 

Segment Audience for Higher Conversion

The implementation of personalized push notifications with your mobile app user segmentation strategy is paramount. Businesses can also enhance their marketing efforts by delivering personalized messages according to individual user preferences and behaviors. 

Through user segmentation, you can separate users into segments or groups which are based on shared characteristics. It has many benefits, which include more customer retention, competitive enhancement, channel distribution improvement, etc. 

User segmentation is no longer optional but essential for mobile app success. Twinr, a user-friendly no-code platform, empowers entrepreneurs to swiftly build apps without technical hurdles. With Twinr, crafting personalized push notifications is effortless, thanks to its seamless integration with Firebase push notification feature. Say goodbye to complexity and hello to tailored user engagement. Boost your app’s performance with Twinr’s intuitive solutions. Book a demo today and get started on enhancing your app’s user engagement!

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