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February 15, 2024

Benefits of converting website into mobile apps

The rapidly growing world that we live in currently is mutating digitally. Gadgets have already transformed into a necessity and such variations prod people to change and adapt. One result of that being the widespread use of smartphones.

It goes without saying that running a business requires a website, and with that comes the need for an app. But when you’re on a budget, affording a developer becomes a hassle. Using traditional app development typically costs over $50000, in the first stage depending on the complexity. However, turning your existing website into a native and feature-rich app has been made far easier and affordable with the aid of Twinr.

Twinr is one of the easiest No-code Mobile app development solutions for businesses, organizations resellers, and developers. With our easy setup system, you will be able to turn your already existing website into a fully functioning Mobile App in minutes – No coding required!

But then again, what benefits do you enjoy when using our service?

Reduced Marketing time!

Using our service at Twinr, you can turn your website into an iOS and android app within hours. While the most first stage of development takes roughly about 2-4 weeks to complete, with Twinr you can have a polished product ready to use and sell without having to endure a month-long development process.

Zero Maintenance!

Building and launching your app doesn’t mark the end of the workload. Your app needs to be frequently updated and maintained. Luckily, with your app build upon Twinr’s services, the maintenance will fall upon us to control. So, you are left with no worries, just update the website’s code and the app will be updated automatically, no resources required!

A Consistent User Experience!

While it is fairly difficult to pull off a seamless mobile experience for an app; we at Twinr promise to deliver a platform that will adhere to users of your app. With stunning and easy to navigate layouts, your app is assured to retain customers, allowing you profitable growth.
The following example demonstrates how We turned an E-Commerce website into an iOS app using Twinr!

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Left side image is the existing website which is converted into a mobile application in right side image.

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With the use of our customization methods, we were able to implement a custom navigation bar at the bottom of the app making it easier for the user to sail through the app.

You can also convert vital actions or tabs into simple buttons to find them and operate them with ease. Twinr also provides a multitude of other features such as push notification, biometric authentication, bar-code scanner, and much more.

Customize with Ease!

If your app resembles the website it’s based on too much, the design becomes sloppy and congested. After all, an app on mobile has far less of a display area when compared to a webpage on a computer. Thus, it is optimum to avoid any form of clutter from the user’s eyes. As a solution to such instances, with our services, you can remove elements from the web page such as the footer of the site from the app to make it less muddled.

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Left side image shows the footer element which is not required in a mobile app and can be removed shown in right side image of a mobile app.

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Engage your Customers!

With features like push notifications integrated into your app, you can send personalized notifications to your customers and engage in a more impactful way. By relying upon proper content for your users, you are boosting your marketing to a new level! We pledge to assist you in building a user interface experience that is simple yet functional and with clean structures that don’t overwhelm the user.


With your website fully functioning, you will not need to recreate it for your application. All you have to do is update your existing coding base for your website and the app will update automatically using Twinr! With the existing cloud systems, we replicate business logics and APIs to reduce complexity and ensure that your business retains continuity.

The power of mobile in this era is staggering. Businesses and individuals worldwide seek out means to enter the profitable field of eCommerce and mobile marketing.

You could go on spending thousands of dollars on Mobile app development, however, alternately by using your existing website you can achieve the same objective! Twinr is offered to everyone, whether it be as a startup, small business, or even an enterprise. Twinr can be used for a varied set of clients from a food-delivering service to an eCommerce service. So, what are you waiting for? Get your app now with our unique and prompt services. Experience firsthand the rewards that come with a native app built professionally through our facilities.


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It is fast, packed with features and quite easy to use. And the best part is, you don’t need to possess any coding skills to make use of it or invest a huge chunk of your time or money in website to app conversion.

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