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How to convert a website into an Android App

How to convert a website into an Android App

Why is an Android mobile app better than a website?

What Microsoft is to personal computers; Android is to mobile phones and just like Android there are other platforms- iOS, Microsoft mobile and Blackberry. Just as we use games, notepad and paint tools on a computer in the same way we use apps on mobile phones. Some apps are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. As per recent research, mobile users spend 83% of their phone time on apps, you can easily access an app since it is available on your phone and will not take even a second to open. We always wanted to do everything on our mobile, we try to access many websites in a form of mobile application as well, that’s why we often search the proper solutions on how to convert a website to an android app constantly.

Browsers like Google are designed to provide the most relevant results based on your search. It makes sense that by having a mobile app, your website will rank higher in search as more people use mobile devices to browse the internet. Moreover, customization is possible when using an app. Push notification can be sent by the app provider, thereby directly interacting with the customer and enticing them with deals. Moreover, you can access the app even if there is no internet connection available and your changes will be stored when you connect the device with the internet. All of these advantages clearly indicate that having an app instead of just a website makes good business sense.

Types of Apps-

Mainly there are three kinds of mobile applications- Web, Native and Hybrid.

Web apps- these are built on basic technology like HTML or Java script and run inside a basic web browser. Web apps are built and hosted just like any other normal apps. They are built to look good and function well on mobile devices. These apps focus more on mobile view though they also work well on a desktop and are easy to host as well as maintain.

Native apps- it’s the most common type of available application. These apps are faster than web apps because they are purpose, they serve. Native apps are easily approved on android systems, and easily interact with the features of the phone. The settings of Native apps can be easily managed from the phone settings.

Hybrid apps- these are a mix of web and native apps. You only need a single app to work on android, iOS, Microsoft and Blackberry platforms.

Why use Twinr to convert website to an app online?

On the basis of the information provided above about the benefits of an app, it is safe to say that it is a good idea to have an app along with a website.

However generally a lot of effort and time is wasted creating apps that cater to your business needs. Generally, you are required to take the steps below to get your app developed:

1. Decide the required features for your app

2. Decide app development budget

3. Appoint app development team

4. UI/UX design creation

5. Test the app

Submit to app store for rollout to the customers

This process may take months, even years depending on your app.

An alternative to this lengthy and costly exercise is the Twinr platform. Since we want your apps to be of a top-notch quality, we created Twinr. It will help you create a mobile app for your website in a matter of minutes. No more hassle of spending a fortune on hiring an app developer or writing down a code. Just a few clicks and your app information required.

Below are the steps taken to create an app through Twinr-

✔ Fill out your basic information-

You need to log in to the Twinr platform and feed in some basic information like your Website’s URL Link, select the industry your app belongs to from the given list & select the platform of your website. After you click on the Build-up icon Twinr platform starts converting your website to an app. The steps that follow will help you customize and enhance your app by adding relevant features.

✔ Customize

Select the features that you need in your app or that help address your customer requirements. Features will help in enhancement of UX UI designs and create a stronger and more resilient app. Various features available are setting up your app’s launch screen and the image that goes with it and the image that would eventually become your app icon, navigation bar placement. You can also activate push notifications to inform your customers about ongoing deals.

✔ Preview

This step will reveal an exact prototype of what your app looks like. You can get an idea how your app functions and if anything is missing or needs to be changed, you can take the necessary steps right away.

✔ Publish

Click on the “publish to production” icon, and voila, you have your app ready to be published and used by your customers.

Problem addressed by Twinr

Twinr eliminates the hassle of writing code, which is a difficult skill to learn and a costly service to avail. It helps in the creation of intuitive apps within minutes, with no coding knowledge. Get your hands on the Twinr platform and create better stronger websites while avoiding the high costs from creation of the app to regular IT management. Twinr Dev it today!


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