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How to create an e-commerce app without coding

By Gaurav Parvadiya | Last Updated On February 15th, 2024

We live in the era of e-commerce. There are approximately 12 million to 24 million e-commerce websites worldwide, with more being developed every day. This rapid adoption is driven by the evolving market of people who depend on these platforms for their shops. e-commerce is estimated to generate $5.42 trillion in annual sales by the end of 2022.

What does this data mean to us? Apparently, if we want to be successful in any business, it’s imperative to adapt to the current trend. Speaking of today’s generations approach towards making a purchase – 93% of millennials have used a mobile device to compare and check online offers. Hence, creating an app for your business will be a fruitful idea because this is the most effortless way to connect with your customers at any time.

Now, the critical question is – how to create an e-commerce app? Creating an app or getting an app developed is considered a task requiring tedious efforts, and that’s where generally businesses give up. However, with the technological advancements, creating an app has become a cakewalk today, even for non-techies. You can build your app with unique ideas and creativity in a few minutes by resorting to a No-Code platform.

Create an e-commerce app

This is as easy as it gets! 4 simple steps and you can develop a user-friendly app for your customers:

Enter the basic details

In the first step of no coding platforms, you need to fill in the basic details to create an application. These basic details are your website URL link, the industry you are from you can pick from the drop-down & the platform of your website, from the drop-down. Once all the information is filled in, click the ‘build-up’ button, and within a few minutes, your website will convert into an app.


Once the app is ready, you want to make it perfect in every way, whether aesthetic or technical. You can do all this by using the customization features. Here, you will see the ‘My Application” screen; click on your name, and you spot all the customize features to use on your application. It is a tool that will assist you in designing your project by laying out everything in the right place on your app—for example, setting up your app’s launch screen, selecting a launch screen image, setting up your app’s icon, etc.

It will also introduce the features that are not available on your websites but are significant for your business growth. These business-centric features like push notifications, cart integration & add screen are very vital for any e-commerce business.

Cart integration helps your clients assemble the listed product at the cart to find the item at the time of order quickly. Simultaneously push notifications to let them know upcoming offers, deals, and discounts. Use add screen as per your business because it is your first introduction to the world, so it is better to make it majestic.

Business-focused features are beneficial for both you & the customer because you get the capital and goodwill. They get the products and the satisfaction of a great deal and services. As a business person, you always know what your business needs the most to flourish, so with the freedom of putting any function in-app to attract your customer, you can make your business rock solid. Personalization is a vital part of app creation; it can make your brand popular among your competitors. You can do all that by choosing a no-code app platform for building your app.


After putting all your passion into your work, it is time to check whether it fits exactly as per expectation or not. No-code platform also offers you ‘Preview’ options without publishing your app; you can address your curiosity by using this function. Here, you can view what your app looks like on a device. Sometimes the colors, font & designs we select do not come out as expected.

In that case, you can quickly make changes in the app’s layout without wasting any time. Any minor points can be a drawback of your app, such as if your font format or color is hard to read or understand, it will repel the customer to use your app often. So, use this feature to eliminate all your hitch and make it friendly.


After finishing the above steps, it’s time to click the ‘production to publish’ button. If you’re confused will the app function on both iOS and Android or not – you can publish your app for both operating systems. To receive your app’s android/iOS build, go to the App Build area, select the OS, request a new form, and then download it. Now your customer can get the app from google play store or Apple play store.

Mobile app can be your powerful weapon for triumphing the e-commerce market, and with Twinr, you can get the sharpest one that can make you ruler of your business. Here’s the fact that you’ll love – you can create your app for free and make n number of changes it, once you feel you’ve built the awesome app that should be launched for the customers, only then do you need to pay for publishing. Start your journey of ecommerce app building today.

Gaurav Parvadiya

Gaurav is the founder and CEO of Twinr, a tech entrepreneur with a decade of experience and a passion for SaaS. With a Master's degree in Computer Science, he specializes in no-code development, driving innovation in the mobile app industry. When he's not busy growing the company, you'll find him writing about tech, growth, software development, e-commerce, and occasionally sneaking in a game of badminton.

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