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March 12, 2024

Differences Between PNG And Vector Files

Images play a crucial role in web and mobile app development by adding extra spark and effect to the overall visual experience of a website. You might have come across various image formats throughout your studies, graduation, or job while uploading on any online portal. However, most of us are still not familiar with vector or PNG files in this growing digital world. But don’t worry. In this article, we have explained everything about the various file formats necessary for app design and their importance in the industry. If you have a question is PNG a vector file, then you must read this blog till the end.

Let’s first understand what a PNG file and its features

PNG refers to Portable Network Graphics and is basically a kind of raster picture file. It can handle graphics with transparent or semi-transparent backgrounds, and this is the reason why web designers especially love this file type.

Why is PNG the best choice for use cases in app development?

One of the main reasons why designers and developers prefer PNGs is because of their excellent quality perseverance after compression. Developers use PNGs in app development to create polished, high-quality images for improving the user experience. App icons, logos, and graphical elements that need to be transparent, including overlays and stickers, are a few examples of PNG use cases.

Is PNG a vector file? Clarifying the Misconception

The straight answer is no. PNG is not a vector file but a raster file because you can not resize or zoom it as it has fixed pixels. On the other hand, a vector file is more appropriate and adaptable for specific kinds of jobs because of its high resolution, which eliminates the need to zoom in on the extension file.

PNG can never be a vector due to various reasons:

  • It prevents you from zooming in or out of a file without destroying the pixels.
  • A PNG file’s pixels will seem grainy, and the picture file will blur if it is stretched to occupy a space that it was not intended to fill.
  • For this reason, raster files (such as PNG and JPEG) should be stored at exactly the size that prevents any external difficulties from occurring.

Understanding Vector Files and its characteristics

Vector files are derived using Mathematical formulas that specify geometric shapes, lines, and curves to construct vector files. They retain information about the objects and properties in an image, as opposed to pixel data.

  • Scalability: A vector will always appear as crisp as the original, regardless of its size. Look at the magnified part of the tropical pattern above.
  • Small size: Vector files are far smaller than their pixelated equivalents because they employ paths rather than pixels.
  • Hassle-free editing: You can change a vector file’s colours, layout, shapes, sizes, and other elements.

Pros and cons of using vector graphics over PNG in no-code app building

PNG easily adjust smoothly to a range of screen sizes. Making edits without sacrificing quality makes it easier to make dynamic design modifications. However, difficulties could arise due to the intricacy of vector development and possible compatibility problems, particularly for novices.

Making the Right Choice

If responsiveness and speed are the priorities for your project, then making the right choice is important. Vector paths are used to trace the raster picture in order to convert PNG to vector. You can use online tools that automate the converting process, or you can accomplish this manually with a vector design program such as Adobe Illustrator.

Tools and methods for leveraging vector graphics in app design

Adobe Illustrator and Inkscape are some of the popular design software for producing and modifying vector images and are perfect for customisation.  You can easily include vector formats in No-code platforms in app design while maintaining responsiveness and versatility.

Guidelines for selecting the appropriate image format

Suitable format selection is very important for the best app performance as it affects user experience in general, loading times, and storage needs. Before you choose a file format, consider these key points and proceed accordingly.

  • You must consider image content.
  • Keep a suitable balance between image quality and file size.
  • Transparency and opacity requirements( go for PNG if transparency is important).
  • Dynamics in image and compression(vector is a better choice if your project includes dynamic image).
  • Animation and browser compatibility needs.


Hope you found this article helpful in understanding the difference between vector and PNG. Make sure you choose the suitable file format according to your requirements to make the most out of your project needs. If you’re looking for a website to app converter, consider using Twinr for a seamless conversion process. Contact us today to get started.

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