Mobile App Marketing to Promote App and Boost App Download

Mobile App Marketing to Promote App and Boost App Download

You’ve put your work into an idea, used our tools in Twinr as required, and created your mobile app. What’s left is selling your app or to promote app! With the massive number of available apps for download, businesses know all too well that the best way to make an app stand out is studious marketing. Your hard work building and spending on developing an app are worth nothing if there aren’t users who know the app even exists. When you’re in the early stages of launching a new brand and desire to manage a successful business with millions of dollars in revenue, new customer acquisition is a major focus, hence app promotion too.

Not to worry, since there are plenty of opportunities to find your initial users and they can be utilized to grow.

How to Increase App Downloads and Promote App

Following is the process you can follow when you promote app to increase downloads and boost revenue.

Find the target audience

No matter what app you’re creating, it is mandatory to find your primary audience to generate brand awareness. Don’t attempt to reach everyone. Choose a set group of consumers at which your product is aimed and create their profile. If your app is made to help with deliveries, then reach out to restaurants. If your app is made for finances, then approach businesses. Before a launch, it is a necessity to gain an audience, knowing the audience and selling your product beforehand is also crucial.

Study your competitors

While it might seem unnecessary, being alert of your competitors will greatly aid you in communicating with your target audience. You will be able to distinguish your business from the competitors by improving and innovating your methods. By carefully observing the past errors of your rivals, you will be able to avoid falling into the same mess and improve your brand image.

Personal Connections

When to comes to finding your first audience, your best bet will be going to your friends and family. If they are willing to give honest feedback and they have a good understanding of the problem you’re trying to solve. The more bug-free and convenient your app becomes in its early stages, the more potential it contains to retain a decent-sized audience.

Online presence

Your audience will warrant a place to land before you launch your app to prove your legitimacy. They will want to know that you are the real deal and that you are truly invested in this as a business. For this, you will need a website with your features prominently shown across the site.  Clearly define the problem your app solves making it a statement which you will also be able to use to identify your target customers. 

Promotion nowadays is best done on social media. You can pay for this growth or make it organically. Simply having a presence on social media like having a Facebook page, Twitter, or Instagram page, will cause slow organic growth. Follow and share your content with people in your target audience. Display content that the audience will care about. Engage your audience. Be interesting, creative, intriguing, appealing. Prove yourself to be click-worthy and share-worthy.

With an ad, click-through rates going up by 32% and cost per click decreasing by 33%, putting in money to promote your app will definitely boost your discoverability and get more people crowding to your product. Facebook and Instagram are perfect advertisement platforms for mobile apps. And since Facebook owns Instagram, it is fairly easy to post ads on both platforms. 

As predated as it seems, email is still a viable option for promoting your app. With a subscription system in place on your website, your audience will get regulated reminders of your app’s status or updates. Include links to your app website, blog, and social media channels in your email signature.

Sell your app by creating eye-catching videos. Videos can be used in almost everything from your app store entry to your social media promotion. Make sure to regularly post interesting content and remember to always add your main hashtag and descriptive hashtags to maximize exposure on social media.

Organic traffic can be steered into your website by making fresh and relevant blogs. This content will build interest around your app and provide better search visibility, thus bringing new prospective users.

Influencer marketing or Celebrity sponsors

By chance, if you carry any connections in the tech world or your respected industry, then you can reach out to them. Having them promote your app via their social media platforms is a certain way to attract users to your app.

Around 49% of consumers rely on recommendations from influencers when it comes to downloading an app. Their posts do wonders in today’s time, so collaborating with authentic social media influencers to promote your app is a smart initiative to boost downloads on your startup app, making it a notch higher.

Encourage the customers to share

People love sharing their experiences with their peers. These experiences will find their way to social media whether it’s positive or negative. This is why you must make it easy for users to share your application with their friends, families, and loved ones. These reviews will come with recommendations to try your brand.

This need to share can be utilized, by asking your best customers to share your app to their networks. 84% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation, so doing this will create a flow of positive reviews and recommendations for your brand or app. Incorporating reviews in your app build trust and transparency, which can make potential customers rely upon and choose your app. 

There are no limits to the ways you can promote your app before or after launch. Make sure to treat it like any other product and to spend time putting together a proper user acquisition strategy. As the number of app users is increasing, the potential of mobile app marketing is witnessing rapid growth. The success of your mobile startup app depends upon the marketing strategy that is followed. Learn and understand your target audience and create your advertisements accordingly.  Then, your project can keep on evolving to generate amazing results.


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