How to Create a Business App Without Coding

How to Create a Business App Without Coding

A business app is the necessity of the current time to ensure continued success of your venture. A business app can more prominently set a strong foundation for the brand’s digital presence because smartphones play a great dynamic in marketing strategies.

Do you know that 51% of the customers discover a new company or product while browsing from their mobiles?

However, the difference between the usage of mobile apps and the mobile browser is also expanding. According to Marketer, adult smartphone users spend 88% of their time on mobile apps rather than a browser. It emphasizes the need for businesses to develop unique and responsive apps to cater to the customers. There is no contradiction that we spend most of our leisure or traveling time using our smartphones. This means the quickest way to connect with such potential customers for a brand.

With the help of no-code platforms, you can create and develop a business app by yourself without facing any technical problems. In fact, you can create a business app within minutes without resorting to coding technicalities.

Create a Business App using Twinr

See the tutorial for creating a business app with Twinr only requires you to follow 4 easy steps :

Put the basic information

Log in to Twinr and put down the information asked, such as Website URL Link, opt the option of the industry from the scroll down & select the platform of your website. Hit the Build-up icon. At this point, Twinr platform starts converting your website to an app. The following steps will help you customize and enhance your app by adding features.


App features are very vital for winning the heart of the users. Explore the various features; some enhance your app’s UI, while others are business-centric features that can help you with more conversion. These features help you boost your business and can be a strong tool in marketing tactics.

Explore the customized features by clicking on your app name. You can add many features like setting up your app’s launch screen, the appearance of the tab, navigation bars, selecting a launch screen image, and setting up your app’s icon. Activate the push notifications to inform users about deals, discounts & offers.

There are many more functions available that you can use in your app, even if they are not present on your websites. You can sort out any changes to your app without editing your website. An app gives your company that extra edge, allowing you to grow your consumer base while keeping your current ones. You can raise your revenue if you have a solid online appearance and have matched it with an app that your user can download to their devices.


It is a very significant step in creating a business app because, from this feature, you can gauge the success of your app development journey. It will reveal what your app looks like on an actual device. In case of any changes, you can do it the right way. It will save you hours and keep you from making a wrong impression in front of the user. We often download some apps, but it does not work well because of some glitch. Consequently, we uninstall it. We might not install such apps again even after the updated version because of our previous experience. Instead of being in a dilemma, check your app on the preview for an expected outcome.


After checking the above criteria, it’s time to click on the “publish to production” icon to put an end to your wait for getting a business app. It’s time to launch your app in Google Play Store & Apple App Store. The app build-up here works on both Android & iOS devices. Hence, no restriction for the user to download it.

What’s Twinr

Twinr addresses the major challenge in the app-building process, i.e., coding, being a no-code platform it helps business owners to convert app without coding. The app’s elementary and intuitive UI helps people with zero coding knowledge develop superior and interactive apps in little time. Through no-code, Twinr empowers you to turn a website into an Android & iOS app using your website URL.

It’s time for you to capitalize on the technological advancements and use them to expand your business. Convert your website into an app today to augment our business through the business app. Twinr also provides you with a range of cutting-edge features to ensure your apps stand out from the rest. Explore the features we offer here. Get in touch with us in case you have any queries before you get started or during your phenomenal app-building journey.



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Twinr is a best no code app builder lets you convert any website into native Android & iOS mobile apps. Don't let coding stop you; convert sites into apps in 4 easy-to-follow steps and grow your business using mobile apps.

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