Growing trend of no-code solutions to create tech products

Growing trend of no-code solutions to create tech products

Technology should empower every human being instead of becoming a mountain to climb. Since the majority of us do not have any or much working knowledge of coding, which is the base of things that we can begin online, we are left confused. A need to hire developers, coders, and other technical team members arises if you are looking to develop a website, application, or online platform for your products and services. This amounts to high costs and communication challenges.  

Hiring a coder can cost you a minimum of $10000 for a basic app, and we are not even considering the various maintenance costs you have to incur.  The cost can go up to $500,000. 

If you decide to learn to code yourself, it will take hundreds of hours to become proficient, and still, the result may not be what you were looking for. Therefore, the introduction of platforms that provide no coding solutions is a respite, especially for new businesses. This results in cost saving, no coding skills required, and you create exactly what you want. With platforms like Twinr, you can easily convert your website into an app, and you do not even have to pay until you decide to publish your app. 

Let’s see why no coding solutions are growing rapidly 

Reduced dependability on IT team

Your IT team can breathe a sigh of relief because there will be a remarkable decrease in their workload. The concept of ‘Citizen Developers’ was introduced a while ago. Citizen developers have no coding experience and create platforms for their own consumption or others.   

IDC has predicted that by 2023, 500 million new apps will be developed. That’s how many apps have been developed in the past 40 years. With its limited resources, the IT industry may not be able to support businesses on time. Some platforms such as Flutter by Google (create apps with single codebase) are therefore working in the low-code arena. 

It gives you the first mover advantage.  

You have an idea, and you start developing it without any delay. Chances are you just earned the first mover advantage. Being first in the market strengthens your foothold over the competitors. For example, you can launch a good-looking online store in a day — this process no longer requires sophisticated skills. Ten years ago, you would have required a team of developers and web designers for the same job.  

Increasing demand  

Once you take a closer look and you will find that the no-code industry has increased over the years, taking us towards a no-code phenomenon. The exponential spurt in the no-code development platform market is a trend that’s growing big and fast. Today’s no-code tools enable businesses to introduce custom solutions at lightning speed. These tools are gaining momentum in the industry to help make ideas come to life. Google searches for the term “no-code” have increased quickly over the last five years.  

For decades, there’s been a shift from complex coding in favor of easy-to-use tools. Over time, no-code and low-code platforms have become more sophisticated, allowing non-developers to build more robust websites and applications without hiring software specialists. 

Well versed with the product 

No-code platforms are easy to use and eliminate the need to develop software right from scratch. By allowing individuals to build software, these tools have paved the way for the creative potential of businesses worldwide. No coding doesn’t mean any compromise in the quality of tech products. Instead, the tech products built through no-code platforms are at par with the traditionally created ones. 

Control the development process  

Automation is the way of life for businesses so that employees can focus on rewarding work rather than tedious tasks. Automation tools such as these no-code tools reduce the amount of work everyone has to do. Moreover, you get full autonomy over what you want your software to look and feel like.  Webflow (for no code websites) and Airtable (developer tool) are working in the same direction. 

Avoid delays  

You will end up saving time every step of the way. Whether it is about saving time to find the coder who understands what you are looking for, the actual development, or fixing the problems after creating the prototype. Those days when businesses had to wait months on end for development teams to scope, specify, build, and test products after spending massive amounts are long gone.   

Websites and applications are now created at a much faster pace than with traditional coding techniques. You don’t have to spend months on software conceptualizing, coding, etc. Nothing can be accomplished in a matter of hours or days through no-code platforms. 

Growing functionalities and features 

With time, the capabilities of low-code and no-code platforms have increased tremendously. Today, such platforms are utilized to create fully functioning: 

  • Websites 
  • Mobile apps 
  • Productivity tools 

The future of no-code platforms seems pretty bright, and as we can see, its ecosystem is expanding to newer industries every day. People can bring ideas to life at a much faster pace. Freelancers and independent entrepreneurs can use these tools to develop mobile apps and build products such as marketplaces and subscription communities that generate significant revenue. Using no-code will help companies gain a competitive edge in the tech marketplace. 

To reap all these benefits for your new idea, visit Twinr, a no coding mobile app platform! 



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