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March 11, 2024

How to Monetize a WordPress Blog in 2024?

Earning money is easy in today’s competitive world because many options are available, and one with particular skills can make a reasonable sum every month. Among those money-making options, blogging is the most popular and simple way. Anyone with a writing area of expertise can earn from WordPress.

WordPress is one of the most popular platforms, allowing bloggers to create their own websites to publish their write-ups and make money using WordPress.

As per the data of digital.com, WordPress gets 2 billion WordPress-related search results on Google. This data is much bigger than social media platforms like Twitter, which typically sees approximately 156 million unique visitors monthly.

So, if you’re looking for a way to make money in a less complex yet popular method, WordPress monetization can be the right fit. 

This blog will explore the best ways to Monetizing a WordPress blog and make it your money making machine. So, let’s dive into the details:

Understanding WordPress Monetization

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Generating revenue streams from your knowledge and ideas is familiar with monetized content. It comes in price-tagged insightful knowledge, valuable tactics, or engrossing narratives.

Content generated to make money for its creators—be it text, photos, videos, audio, etc.—is generally referred to as monetized content.

Everything that gives your readers value and puts money in your pocket includes blogs, eBooks, online courses, podcasts, and subscriptions.

WordPress blogs can be monetized. There are various ways to monetize a WordPress blog, but one must be well-planned to succeed. Deliver value and entertaining material to keep your audience coming back, whether you use advertising, affiliate marketing, sponsored content, or donations.

Top Strategies for Monetizing Your WordPress Blog

Tired of searching how to monetize WordPress blog? Checkout the given below strategies for WordPress monetization:  

Displaying Ads on Your WordPress Site



One of the most popular methods to make money on WordPress is by displaying adverts. You can seamlessly integrate static content, pop-ups, and native adverts into your web pages. Beginners often partner with Google AdSense. Customization, mobile optimization, and fast setup are available. 

After Google ad network approves you, you can manually input HTML code or use auto-ads. Using Easy Plugins Machine learning optimizes ad placement in Google AdSense. The cost-per-click (CPC) model of AdSense lets you share Google’s auction profits from advertisers. 

AdSense is popular, but Media.net, Ezoic, and Mediavine offer competitive rewards but have more demanding acceptance standards. Google Ad Manager can maximize revenue for successful sites by providing AdSense and other network inventory.

Affiliate Marketing and Sponsorships

  • Affiliate Marketing

You can generate money on your blog by promoting a product or service to your readers and receiving a commission. 

For optimal results, promote valuable things your readers like. Affiliate programs like Amazon, eBay, and others offer things to promote. You can also thoroughly investigate the best speciality affiliate programmes.

You only need traffic and decent copywriting.

Once you have decent traffic, learn about your audience and what offers they like. Then, promote affiliate programmes that they’ll profit from and pay well.

Many companies have Affiliate Programmes like this, giving you many online money-making options.

Suppose you work as a tech influencer or content creator, specializing in digital marketing, mobile technology, or web development. Small business owners, developers, and entrepreneurs keen to improve their web visibility and user experience make up your audience.

There are some referral affiliate programs which pay out around 20% to 50% commission on any sale you recommend. You can also plan such programs to attract more and more.


The earnings potential is quite remarkable. You could make $200 a month if you just refer ten clients. At $100 for each recommendation, that comes to $2,000 a month. Furthermore, these commissions are a supplement to your current sources of income.

In addition to giving your audience something of value, you’re also opening up a new source of revenue for yourself when you include Twinr in your content. There is considerable revenue potential with the appropriate strategy and audience.

No need to limit yourself to one or two affiliate programs or offers. Promote as many as you want. Affiliate links are an excellent option once your site is established and generates visitors due to its ease and advantages.

  • Sponsored Content

Sponsored posts are another profitable concept for established sites and blogs. Native advertising, also known as advertorials, pays bloggers a lot to promote their businesses.



  • Paid reviews: Like sponsored posts, you may get money reviewing things on your website. If marketers don’t offer, contact firms for paid reviews.
  • Influencer blogging: As a blogger, you can become an influencer in your niche. Here, monetization opportunities will stream in. Celebrities like Tucker Max started as bloggers but became brands.

If you work hard to establish a fantastic site and following, your sponsorship outreach will be minimal. Sponsorship pitches will arrive from brands after a while.

Affiliate marketing and sponsorships aren’t limited to blogs. You can grow YouTube, podcasts, newsletters, and more with a popular blog. These new avenues will provide you with more opportunities—a superb long-term WordPress monetization plan.

Monetize WordPress with eCommerce Sales

Apart from blogging, eCommerce is one of the primary uses for WordPress websites. The well-known plugin WooCommerce can turn your WordPress website into an online store with all the features an eCommerce store needs. You can sell digital products on your website to earn money from WordPress

Ebooks, online courses, and paid webinars are popular digital products, particularly in the business, self-development, fitness, and health categories.

For instance, selling ebooks is relatively easy. As a seasoned writer or blogger, you can organize your linked entries into an all-inclusive book. You’ll need a downloads plugin like Easy Digital Downloads to sell it on your website. With all the capabilities you require to manage your digital products, these wordpress plugins are user-friendly.

Checkout our previous blog to know how to monetize ecommerce business and explore a popular way of generating passive income.

Creating a Subscription-Based Website



Google and Facebook now control most of the ad market, making it difficult for the media business to make money from advertising. As a result, a subscription-based business model has taken hold in the sector.

Public acceptance of paying for high-quality material is growing, and many large publishers now rely on revenue from paid subscriptions. A notable increase in revenue is prompting smaller content creators and websites to investigate subscription-based offerings.

A membership-based approach might be successful for WordPress monetization if you regularly provide new, valuable material that connects with your audience.

Building a devoted fan base is essential for success with subscriptions. These folks actively participate in your community, interact with you on social media, and subscribe to your newsletter.

Your most devoted followers will be prepared to pay for exclusive access to more value as your brand becomes more well-known. This may include premium material, first access to updates, or additional benefits that improve their interaction with your company.

Example of a Subscription-based website

Kevin Kelly, in his famous essay, “1000 True Fans,” proposes that a content creator or small media business might become financially stable with 1000 true followers, each giving $100 annually.

Reaching this milestone is difficult. Consistently delivering outstanding, distinctive content and building audience relationships are needed. This guide avoids these complex details.

WordPress gives a complete set of tools to create a subscription-based business model after you have a dedicated following. Create an appealing membership package and use MemberPress, Restrict Content Pro, or aMember to offer exclusive, member-only content. 

Sell professional services

Providing expert services is an additional practical and stress-free approach to money making from a WordPress website.

You can make a “hire me” page on your website with little extra money. WordPress has been an excellent medium for self-promotion.

  1. Freelancing: Using WordPress websites to highlight their skills is simple for freelancers, especially creative ones. It’s simple for writers, photographers, designers, and developers to create a portfolio website showcasing their previous projects and salient professional traits.
  2. Consulting: Consultants with experience might charge clients for their knowledge and counsel. With the help of plugins like WPForms, you can easily add a form to your website for customer access.
  3. Mentoring or coaching: Like consulting, coaching entails guiding less seasoned experts in your field of expertise. In addition to including a form on your website, think about scheduling coaching sessions with appointments or booking plugins. 

Ultimately, there’s a decent probability that some of your readers are interested in doing business with you if you have a dedicated and engaged following, mainly if you are the face of your WordPress site or blog.

Ready to Monetize Your WordPress Blog? Here’s How to Get Started

We’ve looked at seven different ways to make money from WordPress websites; all of them are achievable and lots of people are using them right now to make good money. The secret is to figure out which strategy is best to monetize your blog.

Think about your WordPress website’s potential in the first few months instead of thinking of making as a source of passive income. Establishing a trustworthy and authoritative brand that draws thousands of visitors each month and establishes itself as a destination of choice for ardent followers is the goal.

There are a lot more opportunities to monetize WordPress after you get to this point of success. To build a varied and long-lasting revenue stream, you might use one, more, or perhaps all seven of these strategies.

Strategically choose a WordPress theme that matches your business type, acceptability by your target audience and to ease in its usage, use the appropriate WordPress Plugin.

Imagine receiving a steady stream of income from advertising, subscriptions, affiliate commissions, eCommerce sales, and contributions every month, in addition to a spike in demand for your expert skills. As an alternative, you may provide chances for sponsored posts, which would enable you to publish articles authored by others and make money with little work at all.

You may also use your knowledge of developing a profitable blog to develop an online course that teaches people how to follow in your footsteps and make WordPress websites.

The goal of making money from a WordPress website is a wise decision and all it takes a proper plan and execution.

The Rise of Mobile Apps and Monetization Opportunities

WordPress website must be optimized for mobile as more people use smartphones and tablets to access the internet. Statista reports that mobile devices accounted for 58.67% of global website traffic in the last quarter of 2023, which is anticipated to rise. Thus, mobile-friendly websites are no longer optional.

WordPress blog mobile optimization entails making your site flexible, meaning it adapts to multiple screen sizes and resolutions. This ensures a smooth experience on all devices. Mobile consumers have slower internet connections than desktop users; therefore, optimizing your site for mobile can boost speed.

Mobile optimization goes beyond making your site seem beautiful on small displays. Better user experience is also essential. Examples are improved page load times, simplified navigation, and more accessible content interaction.


Exposure Mag – Built with Twinr News App Maker

Creating a WordPress mobile app can boost mobile optimization. Mobile apps offer faster load times, push alerts, and offline content access than mobile websites. Users can intuitively engage with your material, making them more immersive.

There are a number of benefits of Mobile applications to businesses as it promotes the options to make money online. Unlike mobile webpages, mobile apps can monetize through in-app purchases, subscriptions, and advertising. Users are more likely to return to mobile apps than websites. Thus, they can help you establish a loyal and engaged audience.

WordPress blogs need mobile optimization to compete in today’s mobile-first environment. Creating a blog mobile app improves user experience and monetization, and getting an app is also relatively inexpensive. Many platforms like Twinr allow you to convert website to app in just a few clicks, and if you’re just a few clicks away from earning big, why wait?

Wrapping up

In conclusion, we’ve explored various strategies for monetizing WordPress blogs, ranging from affiliate marketing and sponsored content to eCommerce sales and mobile app development. 

Additionally, we’ve highlighted the rising significance of mobile optimization and the potential of mobile apps to enhance monetization efforts.

For bloggers, now is the time to start monetizing their WordPress blogs. With the right approach and dedication, bloggers can turn their passion into a lucrative source of income. By focusing on audience building, delivering value through compelling content, and exploring diverse monetization strategies, bloggers can unlock the full potential of their WordPress blogs.

Looking ahead, the future of WordPress monetization is promising. As technology evolves and user behaviour shifts towards mobile devices, there will be new opportunities for innovation and growth in the WordPress ecosystem. By staying informed about emerging trends and adapting to changing market dynamics, bloggers can position themselves for continued success in the dynamic world of WordPress monetization.

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