What is App development? How to Create an App Without Coding?

What is App development? How to Create an App Without Coding?

Traditional app development

The fundamental of all tech and software is the codes that come underneath the veil of an app, website, software, or video games visuals. This underlying code is what makes digital technology run. But to write these codes businesses of all sizes need people who know how to write these codes, called developers.

This may have been the case for the past, but now? We must understand that calling upon app developers to create and build apps from scratch can be extremely costly and time-consuming, which is no doubt something all businesses can’t afford. An alternative would be having a website, however, websites come with an array of limitations and are not as feature-rich as a mobile app.

So to combat this problem, developers like us at Twinr have spawned a way to create a fully functioning mobile app using the code underneath your existing website! This way of development is called No-code development. 

But what is app development?

At a time having a mobile app was optional, a luxury for businesses. But now it’s become a necessity given the rise of mobile users and the increasing demand for digitalized services. To reach the 6.3 billion smartphone users in the world right now, a mobile app is an unquestionable need

App development is what makes this need satisfied. And in today’s world, there are 3 ways they are made.2027oI2tH8fJ vwxGPHBfV1TkohZyN r4tG7xuv5Wu088BxOzU6IfcVye 7Hz5eYTSy7SYyMT0DIYZJHKlDRW1M6r92rD ZAceWHPC19XPBZzT2u6BL KtqgNUCQQmmg vRJM 0K=s0

  • One is a completely mobile native app created often with the use of Java, built only for certain devices in mind such as android or iOS, but keeping in mind that they will not work on any other devices.
  • The second would be using HTML5 app development, which is a far more mobile-friendly web development allowing cross-platform usage over multiple devices.
  • And the third is hybrid development, which is the development of apps that can run on multiple OS such as windows, android, and iOS.

These processes can be extremely resource-crunching, taking a large portion of time and money, and have their own cons to worry about such as performance issues or the lack of features. With this extreme expense and sacrifice, a better option for app building is required, that allows code to be developed once.

This is where No-code takes action. 

Then how can we develop without coding?

By simply using No-code solutions! This will let anyone – yes even people with no background in technology, create mobile apps which are just as feature-rich as if made by a developer.

There are many providers that let you create mobile apps with ease, Twinr is one such provider. What we do is simply turn your already existing website into the app you need. Simple enough right?

With no-code, you can have specific features installed into your app that can’t be utilized elsewhere like in your websites. Websites, unfortunately, can’t actually extend to the features that are needed in the climate of technology that we live in now, so turning website into a native app is the best option with exceptional outcomes.nZKBi B6cH0TAG2rp8khoUnIaSufN4TjCnpRUCPvUGO7SYdqgX7Tc9bfP93mMDnkawJB5dYx9TFYEar5jHh8XK zHRwGRlYyryHjAnZ0IGpsujzXrBspJdufMgtWt Tmck RAhT7=s0

Using your website as the base of your app, and our platform expands it to have selected features. Some features are almost necessary for most business types such as biometrics or geolocational tech.

To conclude, No-code tools will open up your brand to an easier, far less time-consuming, and inexpensive method of app building.

So if you are thinking of developing an app quickly and with reduced costs, don’t hesitate. Take the leap into this massive world of mobile networking and believe in the promises that it holds. Furthermore, with Twinr’s help, you can reduce the need for resources and let us take care of the need for maintenance and development. You can sit back and enjoy as your app reaches millions creating a brand image and bringing in unimaginable percentages of profits. Such are the wonders of no-code app development.


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Twinr is a best no code app builder lets you convert any website into native Android & iOS mobile apps. Don't let coding stop you; convert sites into apps in 4 easy-to-follow steps and grow your business using mobile apps.

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