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Convert Wix website to mobile app

Wix platform lets you create free dynamic websites for a strong digital presence. What makes your digital presence even more effective is a mobile application. Twinr is the best tool you can rely on for converting your Wix site into an app.

Convert Wix website to mobile app | Android | IOS

Easiest way to create native apps for Android and iOS

Twinr is a powerful mobile app builder that allows users to create apps without coding. If you have a Wix website, you can turn it into an app and boost your small or large business in the market.


The fastest way

It only takes a few minutes to convert your Wix website into an app! Fast conversion and zero coding requirements are some of the reasons why the process is so quick.


Instant Delivery

Get instant delivery of your app converted from a Wix site. Once ready, you can publish your app on the Google Play and App Store without thinking twice.


Push Notification

Share news, updates, and special offers with your Wix App users via push notifications.


Fast & smooth to use

Your app will work smoothly no matter you run it as Android app or iOS app, giving a memorable experience to the users.

How this app building process works

Building apps is as easy as it gets with Twinr. You can produce a high-performance app within an hour through the 4-step method without spending any money:

1 – 2

Basic info

After signing up, you’ll be asked to put your website URL in the instructed space. Also, enter the most relevant industry for the app and choose the website platform. Click on the build-up icon, you’ve already begun.

2 – 2


Explore basic customization choices such as setting up your app’s launch screen, image for the launch screen, customizing the app icon, appearance of tabs, navigation bars and enable push notifications.

3 - 2


You can check how your application comes out to be without publishing it in this step. Here, you can make immediate changes to your app, and after being fully satisfied with the result, you can proceed to step further.

4 – 2


To receive your app’s android/iOS build, go to the App Build area, select the OS, request a new body, and download it when you’re ready to publish. Adjust app functionality or design later without releasing a new version.


Components enhancing your mobile app

Building an app for your Wix website is remarkable in true sense due to the features offered. Let’s go through some fantastic features that help you streng then your business and increase brand awareness.

Brand recognition

To build a brand identity, keep aspects like the taskbar, header, bar icons, and return icons consistent across all platforms, including the website because of its fully configurable capabilities, you may want to create an app that mirrors your website.

Native App

The usage of mobile phones is increasing every day, you cannot avoid any device platform to publish your app. With Twinr, you can develop the best performing native app for both Android & iOS devices.

Zero maintenance

Our software sends you time to time updates without any follow-ups. It means your app will be up to date as per updated technology keeping your trendy and on-toes with the latest versions.

Evaluate the app before launch

One of the best features of Twinr is you can analyze & examine your app’s looks & functionalities through our preview app before publishing it. It lets you access the look of your app and you can do the changes needed in real time to improve your application.

Mobile-friendly platform

Significantly, if your website platform is working and mobile-friendly only then you can create an app with Twinr, irrespective of the platform.

Pay when satisfied

Pay once you are satisfied with your app and willing to publish it. Before that, there will be no charges for registration, incorporating features, or making revisions.

Convert world Class Wix website into an app for your business growth

Mobile devices are preferred by 75% of web users over PCs and laptops, which means users may effort lessly access your material, services, and goods through mobile applications. Converting your Wix website into an app can help you expand your customer base and sales, increase customer retention, and generate new revenue streams.

Refresh Button

While you keep adding content to your website you can make it easily accessible to your users with a simple refresh pull.

App for every device

There are multiple restrictions or changes required to publish apps on different devices but with Twinr, you can create and publish apps which can be access through smart phones and tablets.

Modify the App only

To change the app without disrupting the website’s format, add CSS and JavaScript files. It allows you to directly improvise your app without making changes to your website.

Magnify the app aesthetics

To enrich the client experience as the application launches, you can customize the display with striking images. It will boost the aesthetics and create a trendy look to the app.

Media Playback

The apps created through Twinr allows implementing media playback. Users can manage the same with native features of the device.

Link management

External and internal links can be easily managed and controlled with Twinr. You can access it if the link has to be opened in the current tab, new tab, mobile browser or the app browser.

Affordable plans with exclusive services

Plans for converting your Wix website into an app

Twinr offers a free platform to create an app, but if you are looking for more assistance to

  • Boost your brand
  • Make your self more approachable
  • Obtain new clientele and many more

You can opt for one of our customized plans for outstanding outcomes.

Explore App Maker


Twinr proposes several exceptional features that you can select for your app as per your product or service requirement. It will give extra ordinary benefits for your business to grow.

  • eCommerce App Maker
  • Restaurant App Maker
  • On-Demand Delivery App Maker
  • Dating App Maker
  • Business App Maker
Explore App Maker
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Check out this thread if you want to learn more about the no-code app building process.

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To make an Android app for a Wix website, create an account on Twinr, then add the website URL, app industry name, and Platform. Then press the "build-up" button. A Wix app will create in about a minute.


Yes, you can make a website app without knowing how to code. To get your Android & iOS mobile application, fill out basic details as per instructions.


Yes! You can quickly design a fully featured app for free. You only need to pay at the time of launching the app.


It requires any where from one to five minutes. It all relies on how fast your internet connection work. To transform your website into an app, you'll need the website URL, industry & platform, with these basic details, you can easily convert your Wix website into a mobile app.


Yes! It makes no difference what your website's platform is. All you need is a functioning URL. Converting any platform website into the app is simple in Twinr.


We will provide you FREE demo before subscribing to any plans. Twinr does not offer refunds. Once you cancel your subscription you will not be charged for any subsequent months.


Twinr is an online service that allows you to design and build your own mobile application. This state-of-the-art technology is hosted on our servers and is enriched with new features regularly. You benefit from these innovations automatically, as long as you have a subscription. The secure storage of your data is also included in your subscription.


All Twinr plans are month to month plans unless you sign up for an annual plan.


If at any time you do not continue with your subscription, your mobile app will be deactivated from the next billing cycle. You can re-activate your mobile application anytime by activating your subscription within a definitive period from your cancellation date.


Yes, you can easily upgrade or downgrade your subscriptions. Go to My account > Subscriptions to change your subscription plan.

Build with Twinr today!

It is fast, packed with features and quite easy to use. And the best part is, you don’t need to possess any coding skills to make use of it or invest a huge chunk of your time or money.

Start your coding journey from here and avail the Twinr advantage.

Try it for free
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