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To a great degree, your success in the market depends on how easily your products or services are easily accessible to your users on their mobile phones. Laravel is known for its hi-end custom web applications for businesses, its website is light in weight and has the fastest loading speed. You can easily convert your hi-end website built on Laravel to a mobile app with Twinr.

Convert laravel website to a mobile app | Android | IOS

Grow your digital presence with the Laravel app

Gone are the days when building an application was a difficult task, create your brand’s mobile application by converting your Laravel website URL into an app with 4 quick and easy steps.


Build app without coding

Twinr converts Laravel project to a app without any coding or consuming excessive time. To increase your target market, an app would be a turning point for your brand.


Pleasant aesthetic layout

With multiple options for creating a beautiful app, you can enchant your customers with stunning designs, themes & features.


Don’t pay for building an app

Develop your app, add features, and make multiple changes, and improvements as per the brand’s requirements without paying a single penny before publishing.


Android & iOS Native App

Twinr lets you build native Android apps and iOS app, so there are lesser chances that your business gets impacted due to lack of technology.

How this app building process works

Building apps is as easy as it gets with Twinr. You can produce a high-performance app within an hour through the 4-step method without spending any money:

1 – 2

Basic info

After signing up, you’ll be asked to put your website URL in the instructed space. Also, enter the most relevant industry for the app and choose the website platform. Click on the build-up icon, you’ve already begun.

2 – 2


Explore basic customization choices such as setting up your app’s launch screen, image for the launch screen, customizing the app icon, appearance of tabs, navigation bars and enable push notifications.

3 - 2


You can check how your application comes out to be without publishing it in this step. Here, you can make immediate changes to your app, and after being fully satisfied with the result, you can proceed to step further.

4 – 2


To receive your app’s android/iOS build, go to the App Build area, select the OS, request a new body, and download it when you’re ready to publish. Adjust app functionality or design later without releasing a new version.


Boost up your business with the Laravel website turned into an App

Smart phones are now used by nearly half of the world’s population, and mobile apps provide new and innovative methods to access various services. Mobile app users are crucial to a company’s success.

Competitive App

The latest version of an app is important to keep your clients with you, this shows that we are progressing continuously and updating with new trends. With Twinr’s cloud update feature, never miss an opportunity to be the first one to update the application.


Twinr gives you the option to customize your design to your liking. You can mirror the icons, logos, theme, and design as per your website, making it easier to promote your brand through the app.

Native UI

Twinr presents you with the opportunity to construct native apps for Android and iOS. These apps can access native device capabilities and functionalities to provide the best experience to your customers.

Platform friendly

If the website is responsive and mobile-friendly, then it can be easily converted into a mobile application, irrespective of the platform.

Examine your App

It’s like getting a thorough review of your app before releasing it. Real-time preview allows you to fix errors or make adjustments before publishing your app.

Pay when app is released

Build an app, add the features, check the preview, and customize your app several times. You won’t have to pay anything until you’re satisfied with the app and decide to make it public.

Vigorous component to raise app worth

Your consumers will have a more engaging experience with the app because they can access the information they need with only a few taps.

Users can receive real-time notifications about new product releases, promotions, and special offers. You may even increase brand loyalty among your users by offering intriguing promotions and coupons.

Push notification

Push notifications, which have a 5x greater open rate than email, allow you to efficiently target Android and iOS customers to convey any vital information.

Not restricted to device

Users love accessing apps on multiple devices like tablets and smart phones. With Twinr, one can create an app and launch it on such devices.

Refresh button

With every pull, get refreshed content on the app and feel the new experience altogether.

Cart Integration

Enable your consumers to add products to their cart by incorporating Twinr’s cart feature into your app.

Easily manageable App

Manage and monitor your app’s operation automatically from your website.

Include Media playback

Incorporate media playback ability in the app, and manage the playback using native features.

Affordable plans with exclusive services

Affordable plans with exclusive services

Twinr offers some dedicated services for clients who opt for the plans. It makes their app more potent & successful through additional features.

Explore App Maker


Twinr caters to various industries and builds an app in the best way possible. Its customized features highlight details about different businesses and the layouts speak the language specific to each industry.

  • eCommerce App Maker
  • Restaurant App Maker
  • On-Demand Delivery App Maker
  • Dating App Maker
  • Business App Maker
Explore App Maker
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Explore the contents to increase your knowledge about the no-code app building.

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Twinr is compatible with most computers, laptops, and mobile phones.


There are various services, including cart integration, push notifications, splash screen, cloud updates, real-time preview, device-agnostic, etc.


The preview application enables you to examine the Laravel app before publishing. It covers all the features and design components you've included in the app. You can make all the immediate modifications if required.


Yes, it is a free platform. How ever, if you want a whole some extra experience, you should purchase a premium plan that suits your needs.


Yes, depending on the approach you use to make money. Some big players profit by charging for their apps and satisfying each download. You can also use In-app purchases to generate money. The most common technique, though, is to provide room for commercials.


We will provide you FREE demo before subscribing to any plans. Twinr does not offer refunds. Once you cancel your subscription you will not be charged for any subsequent months.


Twinr is an online service that allows you to design and build your own mobile application. This state-of-the-art technology is hosted on our servers and is enriched with new features regularly. You benefit from these innovations automatically, as long as you have a subscription. The secure storage of your data is also included in your subscription.


All Twinr plans are month to month plans unless you sign up for an annual plan.


If at any time you do not continue with your subscription, your mobile app will be deactivated from the next billing cycle. You can re-activate your mobile application anytime by activating your subscription within a definitive period from your cancellation date.


Yes, you can easily upgrade or downgrade your subscriptions. Go to My account > Subscriptions to change your subscription plan.

Build with Twinr today!

It is fast, packed with features and quite easy to use. And the best part is, you don’t need to possess any coding skills to make use of it or invest a huge chunk of your time or money.

Start your coding journey from here and avail the Twinr advantage.

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