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Whether we speak about a start-up or a big enterprise, the most common challenge encumbered by businesses is the coding complexity in the app development process. They are constantly tracking the developer who finishes the task, or making changes is a tedious job that doesn’t elevate interest among anyone. Small ventures also pull because of their limited investment, whereas some well-known companies drag this because of the need to invest time.  

  • No-code platform: It means without a single line of code, you can build an app for your business. 
  • Super fast delivery: Twinr can build up within a day. 
  • No initial investment: There is no need to pay until your app is ready to publish.

No longer tedious, twirl on with Twinr.

Long story short, Twinr converts your website to application while giving you full authority to customize. And that’s it, really. Building apps with Twinr is a piece of cake – no coding knowledge needed, just 4 easy-to-follow steps and there you are, from site to app!

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Enter basic details

The first step in the app building process requires you to enter basic details like the URL of the website, the industry for which the app is being created, and finally, choose from the website platforms. You get options to choose from under industry and website platform. Once done, just click on ‘Build app’ to go to the next step of your app-building journey.

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You’re now on the ‘My Applications’ screen where you need to click on your app name to see the customization options. You can explore options after clicking your app name for its basic customization like setting up the launch screen of your app, selecting an image for the launch screen, and setting up your app icon. From here, set up how tab and navigation bars look like, and enable push notifications for the app.

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You’ll love this step. It’s time to see what you have created in the previous steps – time to see the preview of your app! You just need to install the Twinr Preview app on your mobile. The preview feature not just gives you an idea as to how exactly the app appears, but it does so without publishing it. Yes, that means you can make changes and check them in real-time, leaving no scope for assumption or imagination.

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Customization? Done. App preview? Perfect. Additions needed? None at the moment. It's time to publish the app. Hit ‘Publish to production’ and you’re all set. Any small changes in the functionality or appearance can be done later without releasing a new version of the app. Isn’t it wonderful? For getting the android/iOS build of your app, visit the App Build section, select the OS, request for new build, and download it once done.

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Why Twinr

Twinr presents a trouble-free platform to build a user-friendly no-code app. We offer dynamic features and additional advantages that ensure your app is capable of helping your business grow.  


Real-time Preview

This agile feature makes our app perfect and saves you from a miserable situation because the preview shows how your imagination carves out in a real-time platform without publishing.


Cloud App Updates

Our time to time cloud app updates keep your app up to date every time.


Native UI

Twinr app's capabilities and functionalities are 100 percent dependable. It offers top-notch service to your customers. You can create native Android and iOS like it's child's play.


App Branding

Twinr app is aligned to your website, so the consistency of your brand is not affected but only enhanced. Give a consistent experience and connect better with your customer.

Websites Platform

Websites Platform

Twinr can twirl with any mobile-friendly website, so the platform will never be an issue to build an app here.

trynow paylater

Try Now Pay Later

At Twinr, you do not need to pay for building an app, using personalized features, or reworking. You only need to pay when you are confident enough to publish your app.

Distinct Features of Twinr

Twinr is a no-code platform with customizable features that offer innumerable possibilities to bring your business idea to life.

1 No-Code Platform benefits

Twinr provides a no-code platform that means no technical complication that you cannot handle yourself during the app-building. The more unrivaled benefits of this platform are no code violations, no cloud fee, no development costs, no time waste, etc. that makes a smooth application development process for up-gradation of your scale.

2 Instant App Delivery

With Twinr, you will get the best outcomes by investing little time because there is no dependency on others to build or publish applications here. You can speed up marketing by instant publishing your app to Goggle play Station & Apple Play Store.

3 Seamless Customer Experience

Any mobile-friendly app can easily convert to our platform without any delay. It provides a consistent experience to your customers across all devices, whether their website is on Android or iOS.

4 Support Marketing Campaigns

Twinr supports marketing campaigns by updating your user through a push notification integration feature.

5 Customizable Framework

With twinr, you are the sole aesthetic creator of your app. Put UI Native or unique splash screen or other exclusive features per your requirement.

6 Zero Maintenance

We have made the system very simple whenever your website updates. Our software automatically updates the app to make your job easy.


Take your app to another level by collaborating with Twinr. We work with different industries and cater to their requirements as per their plans. 


Please take a tour of our blog segment to learn about the latest concepts and developments in the No-Code world, its exclusive methodology & new features.

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A business app is a piece of software designed to help businesses address problems. Users with any degree of technical ability or experience should utilize business apps effectively.

Many business apps aren’t required to be launched when they’re needed. They continue to work in the background, supporting essential aspects of your business. Consider the following scenario:

  • Apps for Point-of-Sale to make it easy for your consumers to pay.
  • Apps for processing your income and expenses
  • Apps for marketing campaigns that promote your company even when you are not present.

Many apps are designed to be mobile-friendly. These apps can be used on a tablet, a mobile device, or a desktop computer. Many smart business apps run in the cloud, allowing firms to access information from a central, safe location while also allowing you to stay in control whether you’re at home or on the road.


Twinr’s no-code platform allows you to create a business app for free. To publish your software on Google Play or the Apple App Store, you must subscribe to one of our paid plans. To learn more about check our pricing plans.


Here’s how to make a business app without knowing how to code –

  • Go to start by filling in basic details:
  • Enter the URL link of the website link
  • Industry the app has been created.
  • Choose website Platform
  • You’ll be sent to the app customization section, where you may adjust the look and feel of your app to suit your needs before clicking Save and Continue.
  • Use the preview app to check how your app looks in real.
  • Select the test device you’d like to run your app later.
  • Login if you already have a Twinr; else, create one. Please register.
  • Please be patient while your app is being developed. Scan the QR code or send the app installation link after the app is completed.
  • We will provide you FREE demo before subscribing to any plans. Once you cancel your subscription, you will not be charged for subsequent months. Twinr does not offer refunds.


The following are some of the essential characteristics of a business app:

  • Please keep it simple and quick for your users to log in to your app using their social media accounts, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+.
  • Giving app users a simple option to personalize their profile settings or the app’s look and feel according to their preferences may help you keep user interest in the long run.
  • The user experience is significant! A user-friendly and visually appealing app design is one of the most acceptable methods to improve user experience.
  • A feedback system will assist you in determining what your customers want. As a result, provide your app users the chance to send feedback and know that you value their valuable comments.
  • Integrate analytics into your mobile app to keep track of user experiences and develop your products and services accordingly.
  • Many users become upset when an app begins to break due to a poor network. As a result, you’ll need to include content that isn’t dependent on cellular connectivity and allows customers to access their app on the road, whether online or offline.
  • No one enjoys waiting, which is true even when it comes to mobile apps. As a result, you must create a business app that runs efficiently and gives timely information to your users.


You can self-publish your business app on Google Play and Apple App Stores, or you can enlist the help of our app submission team. However, before publishing your app, you must first register as a developer on both app stores.

Please note that creating a developer account on the Google Play Store costs $25 one-time, and the Apple App Store costs $99 annually.

Build with Twinr today!

It is fast, packed with features and quite easy to use. And the best part is, you don’t need to possess any coding skills to make use of it or invest a huge chunk of your time or money.

Start your coding journey from here and avail the Twinr advantage.

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Try it for free